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  Gamers Help Scientists Analyze 2.5 million Tumor Samples An example of where mobile gaming and apps can be used for more than just light…


Radio Survey Results #7

The Radio Survey #7 results are in:  Hamish and Andy are having a positive effect on the Hit network nationally despite a blip in Sydney….


The Millennial Renais-olution

Listening to a podcast recently, I came across the notion that the industrial revolution is why we search for meaning in life. I’m definitely paraphrasing……


Fast Forward to 2020

In 2010 I remember making a list of the top inventions/technological advances of the last decade which had impacted my life; the iPhone, MP3’s, E-Books,…


FUSE FRIDAYS: Social Media is Fake?

I know that a lot of content on social media is paid for, as do most people in this industry, but has the everyday Instagram…


Is media a chauvinistic sport too?

Watching Michelle Payne win the Melbourne Cup yesterday you may have had the same thought as I did; “Yeah, why aren’t there more female jockeys?”…


Why curiosity may have killed the cat

 – but will propel you career (and make you more interesting at the same time!) In the hope that a few lines don’t breach copyright…

Welcome Screen 2

OMD & NLM Launch Millennial Moments Mobile Study

In an Australian first, OMD and NewsLifeMedia have partnered to commission a ground-breaking study with AMR Research to help understand the complexity of consumer behaviours…


Val Morgan Upfronts – The Highlights

Last week Val Morgan had their upfronts, complete with choc tops for breakfast! This year has been a great year for cinema both domestically and…


OMD Welcomes Russ Mitchinson

OMD have today announced the key hire of Russ Mitchinson to lead their over-arching communications strategy development across the McDonald’s business. This is a further…



According to the law of attraction, when we put our mind, body and soul into focussing on something, it is more likely to become a…