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Immortality is the new black

    SXSW Interactive is a time and place where many people are extremely eager (I think the word interested is too understated for an…


Digital Bytes

Breaking News We’re living in a Meerkat world, we just don’t know it yet With Meerkat’s recent popularity, this app is tipped to become the…


The story of a SXSW virgin

  As the title would suggest this was my first trip to SXSW and I honestly had no idea what to expect. I read up…


To carousel or not to carousel?

By now you would have noticed Instagram has opened its arms to welcome paid advertising to your feed. The image focused platform entered the advertising…


OMD Wins ShopBop Social Media Account

OMD are delighted to announce that they have won the social media account for the Amazon owned, online fashion retailer Shopbop, following a 2 month…


Radio Survey Results #1

Nova have opened up survey #1 the same way they ended Survey #8 last year. They continue to be the consistent network nationally. The Today…


When Brands Barabarise Culture

  Modern brands—much like late 70s metal act Quiet Riot—really want to be Inside You, and the quickest way to do that is through culture….


Digital Bytes

Breaking News Mobile Industry dips toe in 5G waters.  Demonstrations at Mobile World Congress show the growing momentum toward the launch of faster, more responsive…

Nathan Young

Nathan Young Joins OMD

OMD is delighted to announce the appointment of media and marketing specialist Nathan Young to the position of Business Development & Marketing Director for OMD Australia. Nathan…


Digital Bytes

  BREAKING NEWS Mobile and Online Ad Expenditure Surges: IAB A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers demonstrates mobile and online advertising expenditure increased 16% year on year….