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Nathan Young

Nathan Young Joins OMD

OMD is delighted to announce the appointment of media and marketing specialist Nathan Young to the position of Business Development & Marketing Director for OMD Australia. Nathan…


Digital Bytes

  BREAKING NEWS Mobile and Online Ad Expenditure Surges: IAB A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers demonstrates mobile and online advertising expenditure increased 16% year on year….


Pirates in the spectrum

  “Alexander the Great sailed in a powerful fleet by the Eritrean Sea to conquer India and before him was brought a pirate, who got…



Zaraguza delivers Anti-Technology Mittens to their Clients for the Holiday Season In an ironic move for a Digital Marketing Agency, Zaraguza has designed mittens boasting…


OMD Promotes Hutley and Clark

OMD has today announced the promotions of Thomas Hutley and Jeremy Clark. Hutley and Clark; previous co-Director’s of Word, OMD’s social media division, were responsible…



Tech Temporary Tattoos for Diabetics Diabetics detecting glucose levels every day may soon able to use a far less uncomfortable technique than drawing blood. Nanoengineers…

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Digital Bytes

BREAKING NEWS Now Advertisers Can Use Beacons to Retarget You Remember walking into that shoe store and looking at that stunning pair of sneakers? Well……



Want to buy Katy Perry’s outfit using your remote or mobile device? There’s an app for that Around 50 million people watching the Super Bowl…



Mercedes-Benz F 015 “autonomous” concept car  Premiering at CES 2015, the F 015 Luxury in Motion may be a representation of what’s in store for…


Digital Bytes

  BREAKING NEWS Facebook up their video game Facebook have bought QuickFire Networks, a technology that will help them to deliver high quality video but…


Dan Clark Joins OMD

OMD Sydney are happy to announce the appointment of Daniel Clark to the position of Business Director leading the Tourism Australia and helloworld accounts. Daniel…

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What will you #startbetter for 2015?

This week OMD has launched Clinique’s first brand equity campaign in social media. The #StartBetter campaign launches across all Clinique social media channels with an…



The Samsung Smart Mirror Utilising sensors and facial recognition software, the Samsung Smart Mirror has the ability to generate an enlarged holographic image of its…