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Building Self Esteem

Self-esteem can be really elusive: for all ages. I heard a really nice insight from a client recently. She had attended a parenting workshop (just…


Digital Bytes

  BREAKING NEWS Marketing is bred from competition, so OMD would welcome the addition of a combative search engine in the near future. Google has…



An Office with a view… and the elements Source: Techly More than just a cubicle with a window to the street, this new pop-up co-working…


Dark Mofo – Inside The Hothouse

Our 3 roving OMD reporters Nic, Erin & Diya bring you the inside scoop on their Hothouse experience! Day 1 – Nic Murray As the sun…


FUSE FRIDAY’S: The new ‘It Girl’

I often find myself tirelessly scrolling through my Instagram feed, appreciating the latest fashion trends and envying bikini bloggers frolicking on luxurious beaches while drinking…


An Encounter with Earliness

This week I encountered an episode in early morning behaviour, I seem to have had a week of an over active mind generally around 4am….



Animal Copyrights for Endangered Species Source: Digital Synopsis The copyright of an image always belongs to the photographer… but what if the photographer is an…


M360 – The State of Streaming

A discussion with Mike Sneesby (CEO, Stan), Shaun James (CEO, Presto), Stephen Langsford (CEO, Quickflix), Scott Lorson (CEO, Fetch TV) and Rebekah Horne (Chief Digital…


Getting to know you

Will live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope help brands create more intimate connections with their audience, or is this another buzzy app which doesn’t…