19 Days. One OMD Party. Delicious Food. Media Outings. One Amazing Team.


One of our lovely interns Anne Brooke takes us through her impressions of a month long internship at our OMD Sydney office.

I’ve got to be on of the luckiest interns OMD has had. After only 3 days we are celebrating OMD’s 14th Birthday party and I’m dressed as Slim Shady… (#goteamtelstra #gangstas). It was great to explore my designer abilities as I transformed girly yellow wigs into that handsome Slim Shady haircut.

Nothing could compete with the amazing experience I’ve had over the past four weeks. I’ve visited the infamous Google office and yes, if you’ve seen the ‘The Internship’ or heard the rumours- they are true. Sleeping pods and all! A tour of Nine Network triggered our past teenage squeals as we spotted the madden brothers entering the building. And the Val Morgan Session was insightful and entertaining- I even came away two movie tickets richer!

All the staff at OMD made the whole internship worthwhile with their bright smiles & great attitudes – even if you’re just passing someone in the stairwell. I would like to personally thank the vibrant and friendly OMD Telstra Team for being able to make me feel part of the team from day one and it’s safe to say it’s never boring! No two days are the same.

Tips to future OMD Internship students;

Be a Sponge, Get Involved & Ask Questions.

The best way to make the most of your internship is to take in all the knowledge and wisdom of others (these guys have been in the industry for a while and they have the knowledge to prove it!), keep up to date with industry news and ask as many questions as possible. OMD offers a variety of training sessions throughout the year so take advantage of these. One of my favourites was the Lunch & Learns (I think I attended about 4-5 in total) and as the title suggest- yes they provide lunch!

It’s a great way to meet people, have a break from the computer and gain a broader understanding of the media landscape. Oh, and my final tip- brace yourself for the world of acronyms. If it can be turned into an acronym… it will be!

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