2018 Radio Survey Results #7

It’s the seventh radio survey for the year, and our OMD Radio Survey Dream Team have put together the following summary:


  • 2GB remains the top station in Survey 7 across TTPL M-F BMAD despite their slight decline of -5% SOS. The decline could be contributed to a lot of controversy surrounding host Alan Jones over the past month.
  • WSFM has seen massive declines across breakfast with Jonesy & Amanda (-20%), drive with Jason Staveley (-12%) and M-F BMAD for TTPL (-20%).
  • It’s worth noting that 2DayFM has seen an increase of +36% TTPL. New hosts Grant and Ed, with Ash London currently stepping in, are increasing in popularity.
  • In DAB+ results, Edge have maintained their #1 position despite their -51% decline SOS while MMM Greatest Hits also remains in second place.


  • Survey 7 has reported no changes in the top spots against TTPL, with 3AW maintaining it’s Breakfast stronghold and HIT 101.9 continuing to own Drive.
  • SEN’s growth over the AFL and NRL finals has plateaued with a SOS increase of only +2% against TTPL, despite having 2 key games within this survey period. This growth is in comparison to the +32% reported in Survey 6.
  • HIT101.9 continues to own Breakfast and Drive against P25-54 and P16-39, a consistent result of Fifi, Fev and Byron, and Hughesy and Kate resonating with listeners.
  • When looking at DAB+ stations, Coles DAB+ have reported the strongest increases with +86% SOS and +39% YOY


  • Overall, TRIPLE M have had a strong survey resulting in the top spot for TTPL M-F BMAD, with a +33% increase in audience YOY. This success has come from increases of +38% YOY for The Big Breakfast With Marto, Robin & The Moonman, which topped both TTPL as well as P25-54 for Breakfast.
  • Across Drive in Brisbane, HIT105 has seen growth with Hughesy & Kate, claiming the #1 spot across all demos while NOVA’s Kate, Tim & Marty has lost audiences, down SOS in all demographics. These results turn the previous survey’s results on its head where the two stations’ fortunes were reversed.
  • Both NOVA and 97.3 have seen declines across all major dayparts and demos, with the most significant audience decreases seen across Breakfast. NOVA’s Ash, Kip & Luttsy with Susie O’Neill -27% P2554, and 97.3’s Bianca, Terry & Bob -24% P16-39.


  • Of the major networks, CRUISE 1323 have once again reported the strongest SOS result with +5% growth across TTPL M-F BMAD. This was followed by NOVA 91.9 which reported +2% growth, while all other networks reported declines.
  • P16-39 saw no changes in the top spots across Breakfast and Drive, suggesting that NOVA 91.9’s Dylan Lewis and Hayley Pearson are resonating well with this demographic.
  • MIX 102.3 have dominated against P25-54, taking the top spot across M-F BMAD, Breakfast and Drive. This is the result of NOVA 91.9 and TRIPLE M reporting significant SOS declines, with NOVA 91.9 down -21% across Drive, and TRIPLE M declining by -31% across Breakfast.


  • Nova’s 93.7 is back on top in Perth after falling into second place during the last survey period. Overall, the station had a 14.4% audience share, ahead of the previous’ survey winner SCA’s Mix 94.5 at 13.9%.
  • This survey saw Nova’s 93.7 take the top spot across both Breakfast and Drive amongst all three key demos. Drive show with Kate, Tim & Marty has maintained popularity in Perth, but it was actually Hit 92.9’s Drive show with Hughsey and Kate that saw the largest audience increase SOS up +20% amongst TTPL.
  • Macquarie Media’s 6PR has taken third place in the Breakfast slot amongst TTPL and is the leading AM station. The rise of 6PR demonstrates the popularity of local talent in this region. The likeable Breakfast hosts Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas are both born and bred in Perth.

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