3 Things I Have Learnt In My 6 Months at a Media Agency

1. WE > ME

The right team makes all the difference. Campaign projects aren’t one-man shows. At media agencies, it’s all about teamwork. Teams rise and fall on culture, leadership & meaningful relationships. Working at OMD for the past 6 months, I have been surrounded with nothing but encouragement and positivity – embracing differing opinions has enabled growth and personal development. Holding each other accountable to high standards means we don’t settle for average – we take the road less travelled.


Media agencies embrace change. They don’t just keep up to date, they make predictions as to what technologies are emerging or submerging. They are proactive in finding the best solutions for their clients based on this knowledge. Working at OMD, I have never been so up to date with technology and social media, as the agency makes sure we’re educated on the latest products and services internationally.

Another surprising thing I discovered was that we’re given a lot of free reign on briefs. Emotional communication can be more effective than rational communication and that’s why we focus on storytelling rather than product attributes. Another major reason is that often our clients trust us in delivering the most effective creative solution. This makes the work a lot more mentally challenging and intriguing.

Fuse Fridays 5.08.2016_13. CULTURE

What makes media agencies, specifically OMD, so great to work for is the company culture. They live and breathe “Work Hard, Play Hard”…literally! There’s always a reason to celebrate as a team – the agency life is so JAM-PACKED you don’t even need another social life outside of work! The rule “Keep your personal life separate from work life” doesn’t apply at these types of workplaces. Here we embrace close relationships and offer support not only with work related matter, but also personal issues. The ability to be open makes it enriching and motivating to work at a media agency.

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