Radio Survey Results #4

It’s the fourth radio survey for the year, and our OMD Radio Survey Dream Team have put together the following summary:


KIIS has held their position as #1 for Breakfast for P16-39. NOVA 96.9 holds #1 position across drive thanks to Fitzy & Wippa. The most significant change against P16-39 was 2DayFM which increased +34% SOS now sitting in 3rd place, this is most likely attributed to Em Rusciano’s return to air after personal leave.

Overall, results remains steady SOS with KIIS holding #1 position in Breakfast and NOVA in drive.


The king’s of comedy, Hamish and Andy have assisted Fox FM in taking out the #1 position in Drive against P10+ kicking 3AW off its thrown.

3AW however continues it’s lead in Breakfast and BMAD, despite a -4% and -6% decline respectively likely due to audiences tuning into Triple M for it’s AFL content.

GOLDFM has had a solid lift across the board, in particularly against P25-54 where it has replaced Nova in second place in Drive. This has been consistent trend since survey 1 with ARN’s promise of ‘Better Music and More of it’ obviously resonating with audiences.


97.3FM’s Bianca, Terry and Bob have made a comeback taking the top spot in Breakfast for both P10+ and P25-54.

NOVA continues to dominate the Brisbane market and still owns the drive timeslot across all key demos with Kate, Tim and Marty doing well against HIT105’s The Hamish & Andy show which now falls in third place behind 97.3’s Hughesy and Kate.

With NOVA holding top spot across all dayparts and demos apart from breakfast, this could be a sign of the market stabilizing after the fall out 97.3FM experienced from the loss of Robin Bailey at the start of the year.


MIX102.3 was the top station in Survey 3 (P10+), up +4% (BMAD). 5AA lost traction in drive with a -9% decline falling from second place into fourth with rivals Hamish and Andy edging closer to #1.

The competitive race for breakfast continues. TripleM has managed to retain it’s #1 position for P25-54 for the fourth survey in a row (in line with commencement of AFL). Unfortunately for HIT107 it’s +23% increase SOS couldn’t quite beat out MIX who remains in #2 place by a marginal lead of .21%.


NOVA continues to lead the way against all key demographics, taking out 1st place for both Breakfast and Drive.

Audiences remain steady for NOVA against P25-54 across BMAD however ARN’s 96FM are continually increasing audience share SOS across all day parts. We believe this is attributed to the station shifting its music to focus more on pop rock/modern rock, giving 96FM a better position in the market.



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