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Last week I attended Google Brand Lab at the YouTube Headquarters in San Francisco. A hub experience developed by Google to aid brands in developing their content strategy. Telstra is the second client from Australia to be invited to be part of the lab experience. Our group included a mixture of Telstra clients and their agencies along with Brand strategists, planners, storytellers, curators and futurists who educated us on the macro and micro trends and the new powerful and global generation of consumers who thrive on creation, curation, connections and community. Through discover of core insights of the audience, understanding the brand challenge we devised strategies and tactics covering content, activation, engagement and distribution.

We worked through how to build a successful content story for Telstra, the need to think beyond a single viral hit and committing to a viable long term programming strategy. Identifying the content they’ll deliver to target audience from always on hygiene content (how too, educational programming) to pushing out a few hero moments to a broad audience throughout the year.

My core takeout of the experience is for brands to create compelling content that engages with audience you need to firstly know and focus on the user, tap into their daily passions, leverage power of communities, build platforms not campaigns and to create success you need an orchestrated approach cross channel. Lastly as an organisation you need commitment internally to building a long term content platform.

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