A very BIG Mac!

Where do you find the world’s largest McDonald’s?  At the London 2012 Olympic games…

McDonald’s crew from around the world are vying for a spot on the Olympic sized team that will staff the restaurant. This 2,000 strong team are expected to feed over three million customers during the 2012 games.  They have a mammoth task of serving more than 50,000 Big Mac burgers, 180,000 servings of fries and 30,000 milkshakes.  (Daily Mail).

The champion crew are selected from around the globe to manage this store and bring the McDonald’s magic to life.

This crew will compete in ‘X-Factor’ style auditions – this time it’s not judged on dancing, singing or how high you can jump, but your dedication to McDonald’s. All in a bid to become the ultimate crew member and work in the ultimate McDonald’s restaurant.

I would love to see this global competition unfold as a reality show.  I’m thinking a mix of the pace and excitement of Iron Chef mixed with the drama of MasterChef would be viewing Gold.   Watching the Japanese vs. American burger flipping techniques or the French vs. Canadians vying for the tastiest French fries would be amazing!

If we don’t get to see this audition process on screen I think there are some great digital opportunities here to showcase what goes on behind the scenes – possibly exclusive content for McDonald’s Facebook fan base?

Stay tuned to follow the Australian crew and their journey to the London 2012 Olympic Games…

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