An Encounter with Earliness

This week I encountered an episode in early morning behaviour, I seem to have had a week of an over active mind generally around 4am. Ruling out jetlag as a cause of why I’m awake starring at the ceiling in such early hours I reached for my smartphone and ask Google. What I discovered in the search feed was that the secret to being a power woman is to wake early.

Chanting powerful thoughts I haul myself out of bed and head to the gym. As according to a Forbes magazine’s article ‘rising before the sun is more than a personal bonus – it’s an edge in a cutthroat corporate environment’

I enter the gym at 5.05am to discover many bodies like me up early and hitting the machines.

I choose the treadmill to start, and there I run in line with fellow early morning risers exercising both mind and heart.  Looking down the line at my neighbours on the treadmill I wonder what are they all thinking, are they planning the day, practicing a speech, crafting idea’s, practising mindfulness or just simply trying to get through the next 20 or so minutes. At times like those I wish I had Mel Gibson’s power from ‘What Woman Want’ and could read minds.

What I view as I look down the line and around the gym is a plethora of tech, from the latest innovation of gym equipment to the amount of wearables, head phones and music streaming devices. My fellow gym goers each appearing to be monitoring distance, resistance along with the impact each of the exercises they are doing is having on their body.

I find myself multi-tasking as I go about my routine. On the treadmill I stream music and watch the breaking news on TV. On the exercise bike is where I’m very productive at multi app screening – streaming music to the rhythm of my movement, reading the latest posts in my newsfeed, gaining inspiration from the brands I follow on Instagram to exploring news updates, friend updates and monitoring where I’m sitting in the viewed profile stats on LinkedIn.

My session ends just after 6am, do I feel like a power woman ready to take on the world or do I just feel tired, physically and mentally tired from overdosing on information. Apparently the average person produces six newspapers worth of information each day compared with just two and a half pages 24 years ago – nearly a 200-fold increase, if that fact is true then surely in my hour this morning of cardio, multi-screening and snacking I’ve already produced two papers worth. Only four left for the day. Did someone say ‘coffee’?

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