Are you thriving in your work or life?

If the answer is ‘no’ then read on and don’t despair…

The first step to changing where you are at is to take a step back and get clarity on why things might be a little ‘off’ or ‘uninspiring’ in your life / work, at the moment.

I’m drawing inspiration for this post from the fabulous people I met last Thursday at the Media Agency OMD in Sydney. As a business they recognise that their staff’s wellbeing is crucial and the first step for us was to open up the conversation about ‘work-life balance’.

This is something that everyone talks about and certainly ‘feels’ but do people really understand the route cause of what’s going on underneath and what it means to them personally? I wanted to get people curious and connected to the concept of ‘thriving’ e.g., prospering, flourishing, being in flow, achieving meaningful things. As we are all individuals what might have me ‘thrive’ might be completely different to what has others thrive so I wanted to run through a simple coaching exercise that could have everybody reflect on what this concept meant to them and, where they were at today.












Here it is in a nutshell for you to try – it could take only 15 minutes or you might give yourself the gift of an hour or so to really reflect.

Step 1. Find a quiet space in your house, office or outside that you love and feel comfortable in and draw out the diagram ‘wheel of life’ (below) on a piece of paper or in your journal. 

Step 2. A quick meditation to get out of your heads and into your bodies to be able to reflect on what might be going on in your life at present. Close your eyes and take 15 – 20 deep breaths into your belly, breathing in for the count of 5 and out for the count of 5.

 Step 3. On each of the areas score yourself between 0 – 10, ’10’ being totally thriving / killing it, ‘0’ being not. 

Step 4. Reflect on one or two area’s that you have scored the lowest and then ask yourself;

  • What’s happening here that I’m not thriving in this area of my life, is it a behaviour, impact of people around me, the tasks and so on
  • when I felt like this before in this area, what have I done that successfully changed my state and  would increase my score in this area e.g., when I’m finding the time to exercise I feel great and more able to tackle the day
  • What’s the one thing I could do today to re-dress the balance and be in action? e.g., I’m motivated to exercise in a group and outside so I’m going to seek a bootcamp out

If you are struggling for ideas perhaps share or do this with a friend, have fun brainstorming and coaching each other using these questions.

Remember, the first step towards making a change starts with awareness and gaining clarity on what is happening in your life. Just simply noticing what’s going on inside and around you. All too often we lead busy lives and don’t take a step back to reflect on whats going on, ‘ask why’ and ‘course correct’ to start leading a life that would have us thrive.

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Template: The Wheel of Life, adapted from Tony Robbins













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