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About Sergio Brodsky

Sérgio Brodsky is strategy director at OMD. He is an internationally experienced marketing professional and proven thought-leader. He is also a regular columnist for Merca 2.0 (MEX) and contributing writer for VICE, Sustainable Brands (UK) and BrandChannel (USA) among others. Sérgio is multilingual and holds a BA in IP law and an MBA in global brand strategy and innovation. Follow him on Twitter: @brandKzar.

When Brands Barabarise Culture

  Modern brands—much like late 70s metal act Quiet Riot—really want to be Inside You, and the quickest way to do that is through culture….


Pirates in the spectrum

  “Alexander the Great sailed in a powerful fleet by the Eritrean Sea to conquer India and before him was brought a pirate, who got…


Enough with the archetypes already!

  Sergio Brodsky argues that the use of archetypes to characterise consumers has created lazy and imprecise, not enlightening, conclusions about human truth. Instead, the…


Content: it’s a media job, stupid!

Last week at a ‘Morning with Seth Godin’ event here in Melbourne, among his many insightful comments the one that got stuck in my mind…


A brand is not an experience

Experience has been one of the most popular buzzwords in the strategic communications industry in recent years. However, having a brand experience is not something…