Be deliberate about who you are

The concept of having personal brand may seem like full on corporate speak to many. But push past the preconceptions and the reality is that we all talk about other people, we all want to do something with our lives and have fulfilling careers, hopefully doing things we love, things we are good at and ideally things that put food on the table.

Too many people pay almost no attention to how they are perceived by others, hoping that hard work and good work will earn it’s own rewards. There is also a natural inclination to chop down the blatant self promoters and attention seekers.

Yet there is an important distinction between attention seeking and some deliberate moves you can make to create the right impression and give yourself the best chance to be given the right opportunities.

This may be as simple as having the right image on your Linkedin page, asking for a testimonial from delighted clients that you can add to your profile, following truly interesting people on social media, putting your hand up for projects outside of your immediate role (because you want to not just to be seen to), having an opinion on issues in your industry and voicing them (why not your opinion?), dressing in a way that reflects the job or role you want not the one you have.

None of this is political, manipulative or attention seeking. It’s good to do, even if nothing comes of it. But deliberate acts put you more in control. Surely that’s a good thing?

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