Be willing to argue

arguePatrick Lencioni’s model of the 5 dysfunctions of teams is rightly a must read book for all teams. At the bottom of his pyramid sits the absence of trust and a fear of conflict. This second factor around avoiding conflict and that means the honest conversations are not had, that people shy away from conflict and that does no one any good.

We have to be willing to debate and argue, confident and trusting that the intent of the other parties in that debate is not malicious, political or out to hurt or damage.

British film maker Steve McQueen Director of the recent Oscar winning film 12 Years a Slave, talked about this in a recent interview in the Sydney Morning Herald.

”When you’re passionate about something, it can be sort of misunderstood,” he told Esquire magazine recently. “But I like to have a debate; I like arguing, not because I’m disagreeing with someone, but because they might be right and I’ll learn something. I’m communicational, not confrontational.”

Being Renegade means challenging others and being brave and doing it with positive intent. If we all had arguments on that basis, we’d be better off. Argue because the other person might be right and we might learn something. That means we have to be willing to put our opinions to the test and also to listen properly to other arguments. Not easy when you are passionate. But the agency and the clients will be better off because of it. Surely that’s why being renegade can be a point of difference in this marketplace.

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