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It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to get out of the office and spend 5 days being completely inspired.  Inspired by the quality of speakers sharing their leadership experiences – from CEO’s to a Wallaby’s captain, to a Major General who led 40,000 troops in the Gulf war.  Inspired by the pristine surroundings of the Northern Beaches of Sydney complete with morning Pilates classes on the beach.  And especially inspired by spending night and day with 29 other motivated, enthusiastic and genuinely impressive peers across all corners of our Marketing industry.

I was fortunate enough to experience this as part of a 5 day Boot Camp to kick off the start of the first Australian Marketing Academy.  The Marketing Academy is a Leadership development Programme spanning 9 months across Marketing, Media and Advertising, with the goal to “inspire and develop the emerging marketing talent of today to become leaders of tomorrow’’.

And it delivered…

We all came away from the week feeling inspired, with a renewed energy and enthusiasm to inject back into our workplaces. Some Boot Camp nuggets that stuck with me:

  • Outstanding leaders are judged on how many leaders they develop – It’s not about you, it’s about others. That’s what will set you apart from the rest.
  • As leaders we have the responsibility to give people back better than how they came to us – A leader usually has a short window of influence with those reporting to them, it doesn’t have to be profound, but when your people leave each day, can you say you have made them feel truly valued? How common is it for us to focus on the weaknesses in our people (and ourselves) vs. their strengths and their potential?
  • Calm Confidence – You wouldn’t know it, but even the most senior of people (we heard this from a CMO!), sometimes feel like they are in a little over their head – the good news is, you’re more than likely the most capable person to be doing the task at that time. Keep a calm confidence about you in everything you do, it will rub off on your team.
  • In any team you lead, you should always have diversity of views, but you can never have diversity of direction – We like to hire people that are the same as us, but it’s ok that everyone is different and people don’t have the same views as you, all the time. But it is your job as a leader to ensure everyone is heading in the same direction.

The most rewarding outtake from the boot camp experience is that the energy doesn’t dissipate. The lessons and content were designed and delivered in such an intuitive way that they could be easily and immediately applied to daily working relationships, and continue to resonate going forward. A week well spent.

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