Bringing Loose Change To Life

In an increasingly competitive environment where brands continue to fight for market share, traditional advertising has, until recently, been the first option. However, with the advertising market becoming replete with clutter and consumer’s being more wary and knowledgeable, marketers are now exploring more exciting and unique ways to support a brand by creating big ideas in the hope to refresh excitement in consumers and build brand preference.

Brands are working harder to get product into consumer’s hands. They want to engage with consumers and become more personal by creating clever brand activations.

A brand that I have been working on is doing exactly that. Bringing a big idea to life and creating something memorable that will increase their brand salience in today’s ever-competitive market.

McDonald’s have recently launched the Loose Change Menu. We had TVC’s playing, we had digital support, we had outdoor advertising, but we had to think of something different, something outside of the square, something that McDonald’s had not done before or the consumers had experienced with the brand.

The big idea was bringing the concept of loose change to life. Everyone has had their own experience of finding that five dollar note in the back of their pocket, or reaching between the cracks in the couch to grab that two dollar coin and we wanted to use this everyday activity to reinforce what loose change can get you on the McDonald’s Loose Change Menu.

I have been travelling around Australia promoting the new Loose Change Menu. We utilised augmented reality and created an activation with our favourite McDonald’s characters, Ronald and Hamburglar to encourage people to virtually look for loose change. We hit Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth by thunderstorm and reached footfall audience of approximately 20,000.

The content of the activation focused on four challenges with a win or lose element. We integrated the above-the-line TVC, linked back into everyday activities where you find loose change and created a cheeky, uplifting script to ensure that key messages were met.

We ensured people knew about these events with on-air support from Nova, print support from MX and Facebook. An added bonus was that people could actually win loose change if they participated, $1,000 of it in fact, which saw this type of activation become an Australian first*

As social media is becoming an ever expanding space for brands to utilise, we filmed the activation placed it on the McDonald’s YouTube page so people can post and share on their personal network.

This activation is testament to what is to come from brands in the future. Although the use of augmented reality has been done before, it’s all about how you can make it work for your brand, in a relevant and engaging way.

No two activations are the same. Options and opportunities are as broad as your imagination.

*The use of augmented reality is a conceptual first as it allows the audience to interact with a talking character that reacts to their behaviour. It is the first augmented reality experience at which the interactivity is the basis of a competition.

Client: McDonald’s Australia
Agency: OMD and Fuse Sydney
Content Production: ON Productions
Experiential/events support: Adhesive PR.

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