Closing the gap in consumer-centric marketing

Increasingly clients are exploring ways to move from mass communication to one-to-one consumer connections, with true personalisation at its heart. However there is often a massive disconnect between this dream and the current reality.  OMD is in a prime position to provide safe passage out of the data black hole and unlock growth and greater success for Brands.

The expectation that ‘big data’ will provide the silver bullet for businesses has led to great anxiety for organisations as they struggle to understand what ‘big data’ actually is and how to manage the complexity that surrounds it. This includes factors such as the sheer volume of data available, it’s variety (transactional/non-transactional, first party/third party), the speed by which data is produced and the value it provides an organisation to increase marketing (& organisational) proficiency.

Adding to this complexity is the issues around customer privacy, missing skills (maths anyone?), cost and ease-of-use of appropriate tools, as well as the ability to action the insights that analysing data can provide. After all, knowledge is only power if it can be effectively applied; bad data in does not equal marketing communications gold out.

Equally true is that many organisations are simply not in a position to make use of their data assets, whether that is because being data-led is simply not in their DNA, or because they lack the skills to execute decisions and campaigns based on data-led insights. Because of this the journey to consumer-centric marketing is transformative, not instant, and OMD is ideally positioned to work with clients to navigate this change.

In fact, we already have the runs on the board in unlocking growth and business success for Brands through data-led insights. As part of the Omnicom Media Group, we have invested wisely (and heavily) in the best people, tools and partnerships to manage and understand data.

We have structured our businesses to embed these skills deep within client teams. With the proven expertise of specialists such as Resolution Media, BrandScience and OMD Insights, and a plethora of tools and systems specifically designed to categorise, sort and understand vast datasets OMG can play a pivotal role in assisting marketing teams realise this vision. Our scale and vision have also allowed us to form powerful partnerships with many of the world’s leading data providers to help enrich our client’s own data sets.

But more than this we can demonstrate a proven approach to utilising and applying data to unlock greater insights that leads to growth. This includes a framework for success outlining a clear plan of attack:

  • Education (for all stakeholders in the business, not just marketing departments)
  • Data auditing and aggregation across internal and external sources to develop a single customer view
  • Holistic understanding of customers across all interaction points; and finally
  • Effective implementation and execution of engagement strategies underpinned by an ongoing focus on testing, refining and proving our methodologies

This framework is dynamic and evolving; it’s not just a matter of set and forget.  Once we open our clients’ doors to helping them to better understand their customers, we have to be prepared to partner with them for the long haul.  It becomes a ceaseless practice of benchmarking and measuring; being agile and nimble in our approach.  To this end our Agency becomes a natural extension of the marketing team.

While we might all know that understanding each customer as an individual is vital to making more meaningful connections with them, it’s traversing the wilderness in between that represents both the challenge and the golden opportunity.

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