Coaching tips for the next generation of award winners


With Cannes attendees slowly making their way back to their offices after a week of schmoozing in Southern France there has been plenty of talk about the failure of media agencies globally to gain a single  shortlisted entry for the Media Lion awards, with creative agencies taking all the spoils

Whilst a lack of cut-through is an ongoing issue for media agencies on the global stage, closer to home how can the 20 or so OMD’ers preparing entries over the next week for the NGEN MFA awards ensure they get their entries noticed, and give themselves a decent shot of making the shortlist?

Have a simple clear idea that flows through the entire entry; a great idea is only great if it can be clearly executed and measured!

Be bold and relevant; to stand out you need a genuinely different idea that answers the brief in its entirety. There is no point just being on trend, every single other NGEN’er will be on trend too and 7 consecutive entries with a geo targeted app for the sake of having one isn’t going to excite any of the judges.

Focus on answering all the criteria; sounds obvious and there’s an entire page dedicated to telling entrants what score they can get for what parts of a story, yet many of the entries will miss a section or spend a disproportionate amount of time addressing an issue that’s worth 5% of the score.

Be conscientious about the detail; crppy speling and grammer really, really anoy judges and it looks plain unproffesional.

Be controversial, brilliant or anything else that ensures the entry is different; ask yourself is what I’m putting up going to get noticed amongst 20,30 or 50 other entries a judge is trying to quickly slim down to a manageable number for a more forensic examination.

Finally tell a ripping good yarn, if you engage people with a compelling story they can relate to it’ll take you a lot further than simply answering the brief well.

So that’s it really be Simple, Bold, Focused, Conscientious, Different and a Storyteller, the silver lining is all the shortlisted entries will be from media agencies and you don’t even need to spend $1m making a video. Good luck with the entry deadline of July the 2nd and best of luck in making the shortlist!

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