Cool cardboard?…I kid you not!

Nearly all parents talk about buying kids presents and then bemoan the fact that all the kids do is discard the toy and play with the cardboard boxes…well, what if the coolest present ever actually is the cardboard box? (it also happens to come in a cardboard box, but that isn’t that cool as it adds nothing and is beside the point!). I’ll come back to that.


Virtual reality has been talked about at least since I was a little kid (so alas a while back) and featured in some 80s/90s movies – TRON, DISCLOSURE, LAWNMOWER MAN to name but a few really crummy ones…

It’s finally here. Facebook paid US$2bn for a business called OCULUS earlier this year, they are now in a partnership to develop the product with Samsung and have got the guru of video games developers, Doom creator John Carmack involved.

So where does the cardboard fit in? Well…David Coz and Damien Henry at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris built the same thing-ish out of cardboard to prototype VR experiences – so rather than spending thousands of dollars it’s much more amenable to those living outside the bubble of Silicon Valley!

Once you make it and download apps (to your Android phone), you can fly where your fancy takes you on Google Earth , go on a rollercoaster ride or even drive through Paris…or even go on a space-walk!  More and more applications are being developed – see below link.

Gimmick yes, potential for marketers absolutely huge (because smartphones are ubiquitous and Facebook aren’t going to simply throw $2bn at something in the likelihood they are not going to make money back)…

This area will continue to get increasing attention  so we have bought a pair of the Google Cardboard VR for each office. See what you make of it and leave a comment on this post…

It is a genuinely cool sensory experience, don’t feel too queasy on the rollercoaster.


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