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1.World Cup was biggest event yet for Twitter with 672M Tweets

Germany may have won the World Cup over Argentina, but Facebook and Twitter have been engaged in their own battle, with both social networks continuing to realise stats on how popular the World Cup was among their users.

Source: The Guardian


2.Facebook testing ‘buy’ button to purchase goods directly from site

A new ‘buy’ option will sit next to the ‘install’ button on adverts on both desktop and mobile apps. This will allow users to buy directly from the ads without leaving the social network.

Source: The Guardian







3.Apple, IBM Strike Deal to Go After Mobile Enterprise Market

Apple and IBM, once foes in the personal-computer market, announced on Tuesday that they are working together on the next wave of technology for mobile devices that taps into large pools of corporate data. The deal is expected to make Apple an even more serious player in the enterprise market.

Source: AdAge

4.Samsung’s latest Apple-targeting ad slams battery life, calls iPhone users ‘wall huggers’

In a new minute-long advertisement which was posted to the official Samsung Mobile USA YouTube account refers to iPhone users as “wall huggers,” suggesting they’re constantly tethered to an outlet to keep their handset charged.

Source: Techtimes


Pandora Hits Two Million Listeners In ANZ In Less Than Two Years

Pandora Australia and New Zealand has today announced that since launching in December 2012, it has achieved a milestone of two million registered listeners, effectively doubling its listener base in less than 12 months.

Source: B&T


5A US study by Motorola Mobility and B2X has discovered One in seven people say they’d forfeit friends for a week before their smartphone

And, it doesn’t stop there. While 74% of people keep their devices within close reach throughout the day, 60% sleep with their phones- and this number increases to 84% for the 18-29 year old group.

Source: cnet


EHarmony Hooks Up With Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst?

Dating site- EHarmony is hoping opposites will attract for its latest series of TV spots directed by Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst. The national push, set to break in August, is an attempt to reach a broader audience with a humorous spin that departs from the real-life success stories the matchmaking site generally features in its ads.

Source: AdAge

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