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WiFi BatteryIf the question is “Hey what’s the Wi-Fi Password?” The answer is “No Batteries”

Researchers are promoting battery-free Wi-Fi technology. The coming Internet of things (IoT) revolution may not run on batteries, but on power plucked from the air, according to researchers at the University of Washington.

This is a new communication system that uses radio frequency signals as a power source.  Source: Techworld  


Apple and NikeApple has Just Done It, and by It we mean hiring Nike Social Media Boss

Apple, perhaps the biggest brand to lack a presence on Twitter and Facebook, has hired the former social media chief at Nike and Burberry. The seeds have been planted and we might see a social orchid at Apple’s disposal in the future.  Source: Mashable  



abbottretentionData Retention Down Under

The Australian government has taken a very controversial step forward regarding National Security and personal privacy. In a joint press conference today (05/08), the Abbot Government announced – among other things – that it would be initiating new legislation to help spy and law enforcement agencies combat home grown terror threats.  Source: Gizmodo  


apple VS SamsungApple & Samsung Call It Quits Everywhere but the US

Samsung have stopped biting, and Apple have called back the patent vines from the tree of justice.

It has been a clash of the titans in Australia between Samsung and Apple. The pair sparred in courts all over the world about patent infringement in different products, and sought retail bans on potentially infringing products.

Now, though, the fight is over, and the guns have fallen silent around the world: Apple and Samsung have agreed to put aside their differences in every jurisdiction around the world, except for the US.  Source: Gizmodo 


Surf-In WardrobeYou Can Try on Clothes Online Forget walk-in wardrobes, when there’s surf-in wardrobes.  Source: Techcrunch 






Synthetic LeafMan Made Photosynthesising Leaf Could Help Us Reach Light Speed

The man-made leaf could breathe air into buildings, and spaceships. Cue star wars theme song.  Source: Cnet




JamesDysonAwardNew James Dyson Award Inventions That Don’t Suck

Source: Gizmodo

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