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jpg.1Microsoft buys Minecraft: what does this mean for the gaming community?
On September 15, Microsoft confirmed they have bought Minecraft, the Stockholm-based maker of the popular multiplayer online game, for $2.5 billion. Fans of the game are worried that this acquisition might negatively affect the game with one user stating ‘“We all know Microsoft would find some way to murder the game,” said one user on a popular Minecraft forum. “I worry for the future of Minecraft.”

Source: Siliconbeat

jpg.2Apple reinforces iCloud security after celebrities’ nude photo leak 

After the leak of celebrity’s photo online, Apple’s iCloud security had come under scrutiny. However, the tech giant came up with a new two-factor authentication as a security feature to protect the user’s data.

Source: Mashable




jpg.3Apple helps iTunes users delete U2 songs

If you’re not a fan of having U2 on your new iPhone, well here is some good news- Apple has begun helping people boot them off their iTunes account after complaints from customers. Most people are going to their social media channels to complain about precious iPhone storage space being taken up by a digital album they didn’t want and couldn’t figure out how to get rid of.

 Source: SMH

Image - Video StatsVideo is the new Photo

While photos have long been the social darlings, video is now becoming a viable, arguably necessary, marketing medium.Some quick video stats to make your day:

YouTube is the second most popular search engine, with 1 billion monthly users, over 100 million daily users. 50 million users watch business-related videos on YouTube (approx. 65% of these users will visit a brand’s website after watching their video)

Over 90% of shoppers visiting major retail websites say they find videos helpful in making purchasing decisions. 70% of users feel more positive about brands after watching video content they produce.

Video views on mobile devices has increased by 41% year-on-year since June 2013.

64% of marketers expect to use video in the near future.

Source: Social Media Knowledge


jpg.4Australia is one of the cheapest markets for digital film

Australia has been named as one of the cheapest markets in the world to rent digital content according to the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association (AHEDA). This emphasizes the recurring issue of piracy. The Australian government needs to reconsider a market-based solution. 

Source: SMH

OMD attended the Telstra Digital Even last Friday

With 680,000 followers across Facebook and Twitter, one of the founders of a company that helps nature technology start-ups and contributor to numerous blogs Robert Scoble is the man to talk to about what’s happing in technology; now and in the future.

Google invited a few of the mighty Napoleon team to hear Robert speak at the Telstra Digital event last Friday. Issues discussed included privacy, the role of corporations in entrepreneurship, net neutrality and the ways in which digital services are becoming more personal ever.

The main takeaway was the idea of “Context”. Apps, devices and services have started to learn our habits, likes/dislikes and will use this information in increasingly sophisticated ways:

  • Maccas outlets will be able to tell when we leave the house and have our sausage and egg McMuffin ready right as we pass the store
  • Roadshow will tell us where to find a cinema to escape a hot summers day, placing my favourite candy bar order for us so everything is perfect when we arrive at the cinema
  • Smart sensors in the home will make sure the temperature is just right when we arrive home and shut everything off when we’re not; saving energy, money and the planet

This future is coming, the only question is are you happy to provide all this information? Are you ‘All in” or holding back?


Image - Apple vs OreoApple Watch to feature social apps
Following its grand unveiling last week, it has been revealed that Facebook, Yahoo, Pinterest and Twitter are among the companies already developing apps for Apple Watch. Although the wearable device got a relatively subdued 336,000 mentions on Twitter right before and after its unveiling, compared to the hefty 1 million-plus mentions of the new iPhones launched the same day, creativity didn’t lack with, of course, OREO jumping on the opportunity with a responsive Tweet.

Source: We Are Social


Image - The 3 New PsThe 3Ps of Great Connected Marketing

  • Purpose

The marketer’s role isn’t to make better things; rather, it’s to make things better – to make valuable contributions to people’s lives.

  • Principles

Top marketers consistently highlight traits like transparency, sincerity and integrity as the cornerstones of the brands they most admire. Above all, though, brands need to demonstrate empathy – the ability to really understand the people they care about, and actively connect with them on their terms.

  • Participation

In order to succeed, brands must convert “I’m aware” into “I care”, otherwise their investments have been futile. The surest way to ensure you engage your audiences is to actively involve them in your marketing efforts; we need to replace interruption with interaction.

Source: We Are Social


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