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 Skype launches a new Snapchat competitor: Qik

1Alot has changed since Skype made its debut 11 years ago. Younger users aren’t satisfied with lengthy video calls on computers anymore. They want to communicate in small bites throughout the day, sending texts, selfies, gifs, emojis and “Yo”s from mobile devices.

To keep up with the times, Skype launched the ephemeral messaging app Qik on Tuesday. The free app sticks to Skype’s video roots while borrowing heavily from the Snapchat playbook




Ello and Goodbye: People Stop Searching For Ello 

2Advertisers can now let out one great big sigh of relief: interest in ‘Ello’ (the ad-free social networking service) might be waning, if data from Google Trends is anything to go by.

A graph of Google searches over the past 30 days on the term “Ello” shows two distinct peaks, before fizzling out to levels almost as low as before the onslaught of attention it received at the end of September.




IAB Appoints Nielsen with Mobile the Focus 

3The Interactive Advertising Bureau has awarded its audience measurement contract to research firm Nielsen for a three-year period beginning in January. The contract, which is for an exclusive preferred supplier, will see the current online audience measurement system overhauled, “with a number of significant improvements and enhancements around mobile audience measurement and improved reporting capabilities”, the IAB said in a statement.




You Can Now Retarget Based on In-app Behaviour on with Apple’s iAds

4Apple’s release of its new mobile operating system last month came with an overlooked gift for marketers: the ability to retarget ads based on users’ in-app browsing behaviours.According to ad agencies, Apple is actively pitching the new capability as a way to effectively solve the mobile cookie problem. Say, for example, a visitor to a retailer’s iPhone app adds a pair of shoes to his cart but ultimately decide not to buy it. In this scenario, the retailer will now be able to retarget that user with an ad for that exact pair — even in another app on his iPad. When tapped, the ad would direct him back to his abandoned checkout page and automatically add the shoes to his online shopping cart.


How many people actually downloaded U2’s album after their Apple partnership?

5U2 has gone from setting records to breaking them and, with the band’s game-changing Apple partnership, simply defying all imaginable expectations. So how did the album Songs of Innocence fare after being made available to 500 million people around the world as a free download on iTunes? No surprise here, scale pays off.







Air Umbrella Protects You From Rain With Nothing But Air

The umbrella market is ripe for innovation, and regular ones just don’t cut it anymore. So one Kickstarter project wants to bring you an umbrella powered by air.The aptly-named Air Umbrella is a rod-shaped device with a motor, rechargeable lithium battery and fan blade. The device takes in air below the fan blade and forces it out in such a manner that falling rain gets redirected.



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