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Now Advertisers Can Use Beacons to Retarget You

ref jpeg 1Remember walking into that shoe store and looking at that stunning pair of sneakers? Well… so does your phone! Now brands can retarget you with beacons that they have installed in their store by letting these communicate with the app you have on your phone, making it rather easy to retarget you when you’re on your phone a few days (or weeks, or months) later. Click on the source link to find out more.

Source: Business Insider

Facebook Cracks Down on Hoaxes

ref jpeg 2Users have been complaining about posts that are misleading and Facebook have listened: Facebook have updated the News Feed to reduce the number of posts that are hoaxes. Not only good news for you as a user, but also for brands as they might see a rise in engagement.

Source: SMK



Tom Brady who? Advertising won the Super Bowl!

ref jpeg 3The world witnessed two Super Bowls on Monday, one on the field and one online. With the cost of $4.5 million for 30 seconds of TV airtime, there was much more than traditional advertising opportunities for brands to capitalise on the global event.

The clash of brands in real time marketing was just as thrilling as any Tom Brady completed pass, with brands fighting for relevant engagement and also each other…

Rookie of the year, Loctite Glue, taking on competition heavyweights, Budweiser…

Source: Ad Week


Data analytics was driving operational efficiency at the 2015 Australian Open

ref jpeg 4Tennis Australia with IBM introduced a list of innovations employed at the Australian Open to enhance fan engagement on ground and online during the tournament. The CrowdTracker technology from IBM provided an abundance of information from an attendee’s location via GPS through their mobile phone to social buzz all collated on a dashboard. This allowed operators to affect a crowds experience in real time through digital technology; triggering messages via social channels to fans or implementing more staff in busy crowded areas.


 Chef Adriano Zumbo embraces disgruntled customers comments from social media to promote the opening of his latest outlet

ref jpeg 5Instead of shying away from the sometimes personal attacks, Zumbo has instead turned them into marketing material for a new store in Melbourne. Signage for the new Zumbo kiosk has been plastered with customers’ somewhat negative reviews from Urbanspoon and Facebook.





Google made $18.1Billion last Quarter but ad rates haven’t grown in over 3 years!

ref jpeg 7Google continue to make more money from advertising even though it makes less money per ad. More of Google’s dollars are attributed to mobile sales where the average ad price is lower to that of Desktop which has historically been Google’s key platform. This appears to have slowed Google’s revenue growth, as they have become dependent on people clicking on ads rather than advertisers paying for clicks. The mobile compatibility of Google’s third party partners needs to evolve as the Google owned sites have to increase revenue substantially across the portfolio.


No brand does Social Media better than Taylor Swift

ref jpeg 6Yes, every star these days has millions of fans following them on Twitter and Instagram. But it’s what Taylor Swift does with her following that really separates her out from the pack, and helps turn her into a Beloved Brand. Find out the top five brilliant and highly creative on-line moves by Taylor Swift that connect her on a deeper level with her followers.



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