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jpg1Mobile and Online Ad Expenditure Surges: IAB A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers demonstrates mobile and online advertising expenditure increased 16% year on year. All categories did well with mobile having a 118% increase on last calendar year and video growing 52% year on year. With the ever-lingering wonder of what will happen to advertising on traditional media, this report, done on behalf of the IAB, must skew some opinions.



jpg2Zuckerberg Plans $200 Billion Town To House Employees

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has announced plans to build ‘Zee Town’, a $200 billion housing estate for 10,000 of his most loyal staff. The estate has supposedly enlisted acclaimed architect Frank Gehry, wo’s portfolio includes the Walt Disney Hall in LA and the ‘paper-bag’ at UTS. It is widely known of the perks Google employee’s receive but this takes it to a whole new level. Could this mean the Zuck would have a little too much control over employees?




IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK Launches On Youth App Snapchat

Snapchat was once just an app that allowed a fun way to send and receive (sometimes provocative) photos. Then small edits were available for people to send something slightly more creative. Then came Snapchat Discover, a way to swipe through content from various news venders including CNN and MTV. Now, have partnered with the popular app, estimating a reach of 100 million+ monthly users. It will allow snapchatters a new way to explore stories from a different editorial perspective. Snapchat is definitely evolving from its reputation as a way to send phallic photographs.

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jpg4Is Hyper Personalisation the Future For Marketers?

From a consumer perspective, we are sometimes left wondering how such an appropriate ad will pop up on our Facebook newsfeeds. From a marketer’s perspective, we know exactly how this happens. Regardless of which perspective you prefer, hyper-personalisation is becoming more and more prominent. It will tap in to social listening, profile information, interactions and more to provide a more personalised product, services or content. Netflix reported over 60% of it’s rentals comes from recommendations based of hyper-personalisation data. Soon enough, you may see an ad for a pair of shoes you didn’t even know you wanted.




Sjpg6uncorp Broadcasts Cyclone Hotline Info Live Via oOh!’s Digital Network Cyclones and Queensland are two words often grouped together. Cyclones have caused much damage, injuries and even loss of life. With such negative effects, it makes sense to make every effort to ensure the least damage done in all aspects. Suncorp Insurance made an effort with their “we’re here to help” campaign, broadcasting cyclone Marcia updates across a network of oOh! Digital billboards. This leverages the immediacy of digital screens in response to real-time events and tailoring specific messages based on location of the sign. A fine example of how digital is reshaping traditional media.


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These people are leaving London and telling the world why

London recently topped it’s population since 1939 with 8.6 million people living in the city. It is predicted the figure could reach 11 million by 2050. The large population has impacted economic and policy changes and affected the culture and diversity of London prompting the London is Changing project. However, most of these change stories, displayed on digital billboards throughout the city, have been of people leaving the city. Messages mainly generally call out the high cost of living in London.



jpg7ABC boss impersonates Taylor Swift in Senate Hearing

Taylor Swift currently seems and feels unavoidable. The pop superstar appears everywhere from topping charts left, right and center to viral videos of Swift surprising her fans with college scholarships and Christmas presents. She even prompted a social campaign to get her on to the Triple J Hottest 100 causing hipsters nationwide to spit out their soy lattes in disgust. This week, Swifty gets a whole new level of recognition with ABC MD Mark Scott reference one of the musician’s recent hits “Shake it Off”. The crafty statement, which is now as viral as anything Taylor posts, was in response to Senator Matthew Canvan’s view on Swift being banned from the Hottest 100.



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