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Instagram Takes Another Step Toward E-Commerce – Has its eye on click-to-shop ads By Garett Sloane

In its slow but steady embrace of e-commerce, Instagram is running its first marketing campaigns that transform viewers into shoppers with a single click. Finally, retailers can link to product pages from their Instagram ads—a feature Banana Republic was among the first to employ—and still more sophisticated ads are in the works.

The new ads are part of a carefully managed rollout of better marketing tools on the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, which is starting to offer the sort of products brands have been demanding, especially in view of the $200,000 many of them are shelling out. And that’s just the entry fee for buying ads on the platform, according to digital marketing executives familiar with Instagram’s business. (Instagram declined to comment for this story.)Sources reveal that more tools like this are on the horizon. Instagram is said to be considering a number of ad formats that could prove game changers for brands, similar to how Twitter built highly customizable ad cards that send users to products with ease.

But because these changes would signal a fundamental change to how marketers use and customers experience the platform, Instagram is proceeding with caution, no doubt wary of displeasing its growing user base (now upwards of 300 million).



In the News This Week

Twitter threatens to suspend Periscope users live streaming Game of Thrones



Twitter says it will look into suspending accounts found to be broadcasting copyrighted material on its new live-streaming service Periscope, but is not monitoring the streaming service itself.

Upon the leaking of four episodes of the latest season of Game of Thrones this week, the Periscope app saw dozens of live streams being broadcasted globally. Twitter have responded saying that it will act to shut them down if streams are reported to it by other users. Internet piracy and copyright are in the spotlight given last week’s Federal Court decision to force internet service providers (ISPs) to reveal the identities of customers who downloaded and shared the film Dallas Buyers Club for free from torrent sites.

Source: Mumbrella



In Australia

Get a VPN and prepare for the ‘Netflix Tax,’ Australia

Australian consumers are set to be smashed with a 10% tax on digital services that has been dubbed the “Netflix Tax.”

The government is keen to impose the current Goods and Services Tax (GST) on “intangible” services, including iTunes purchases, Uber rides and overseas streaming services, such as Netflix, which finally arrived in Australia in March.

Source: Mashable



Did you know?

In 2017, Robots Will Make You Breakfast

Moley Robotics debuted a prototype at the international robotics show Hoverover Messe of a robot whipping up crab bisque, which is “learned” to make by mimicking BBC MasterChef winner Tim Anderson. A 3D camera filmed him making the recipe and the robot’s commands were based on the chef’s movements.

When it’s released in two years, the robot will have even more abilities than it does now. The robot will come with a built-in fridge and dishwasher and have over 2,000 cooking options in its recipe library. If you want to tackle a recipe yourself, you’ll be able to fold up the hands and place them in a cupboard. The expected price is about $19,460 AUD.

Source: Digital Trends



Other Cool Stuff

5_CoachellaCoachella buzz, emanating from the golden shores of California, circled the planet at lightning speed thanks to Twitter last weekend. During the festival, Alesso took the top spot for most trending artist, followed by Azealia Banks, Porter Robinson, Tame Impala and rock legends, AC/DC at no.5. However, despite being a music festival the top overall trends for the event were in fact #kendaljenner, #justinbieber, #croptop, #iphonepic and #ferriswheel. The best twitter related story of the event goes to Jack White who in a luddite and ‘let’s just be in the moment’ mood asked the crowd to “put down your cellphones for five seconds … let’s do this together!”. Of course, this resulted in his performance instantly trending in the Twittersphere… ultimate irony or a clever PR stunt? We can’t decide!

Oh, and controversially selfie sticks were banned from the festival which can’t have made getting those #coachellaselfies easy! #outrage

Source: Mashable



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