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The Race to Media Technology Dominance continues: Verizon Buys AOL

U.S Carrier, Verizon has confirmed that they will be acquiring AOL for $4.4 billion. AOL provides Verizon with the addition of original content across different platforms like video, desktop and mobile. The deal looks to expand AOLs capabilities, by increasing their assets and provide their content business and advertisers more distribution and mobile first features, as well as accelerating the growth of their programmatic advertising arm.



Candy Crush plans to infect the minds of more unsuspecting victims

Remember playing Minesweeper while you were waiting for your dial-up internet to connect? Well Microsoft have decided to add some colour to the aging games that come pre-installed onto Windows by adding Candy Crush Saga to the mix. Comparisons have been made to the ill-fated U2 / Apple forced download debacle.



Art gallery combines streamed dance and choreography and programmatic targeting to promote performance arts

Tate Modern is ramping up its use of dynamic creative in its marketing with a campaign featuring dance and choreography streamed live internationally across Europe, marking one of the most ambitious programmatic campaigns to date. The art gallery is using Primo, an engagement marketplace from MediaMath and Silence Media, to promote BMW Tate Live – a series of innovative live performances and events including live web broadcast, in-gallery performance, seminars, and workshops.




‘Apple Watch lacks ‘kill switch’ to thwart thefts’

A thief who steals your Apple Watch can reset it and pair it with a new iPhone, says iDownloadBlog.
Apple’s new smartwatch apparently lacks the same security offered by the iPhone, which tries to dissuade robbers from snatching the device in the first place.
Up for sale since April, the Apple Watch is the company’s first wearable device geared to compete in a growing landscape of smartwatches and fitness bands. Designed to pair with your iPhone, the new watch alerts you to incoming phone calls and text messages, makes mobile payments via Apple Pay, and can run a variety of mobile apps. But one flaw, according to the folks at iDownloadBlog, is in the area of security.




The seamless experience of Facebook’s new Instant Articles

This week saw the introduction of Facebook’s take on native content or as Facebook calls it – Instant Articles. As the name suggests – stories in this new format open instantly which is a noticeable change from how it currently is with the wait time while it links and loads to another page. This new format enables for a richer experience where publishers are able to create articles that not only load quicker but have interactive features such as zooming into photos by tilting your phone, interactive maps as well as audio captions.




Interesting Social News

“Birds of a feather flock together” is a saying that exists in a number of different languages. “Gambá cheira gambá” (opossums smell other opossums) in Brazilian Portuguese is a particularly colourful example. The reason is that like-minded people like to hang out together across many cultures. And it seems the same is true of baboons.

Baboons’ preference to spend time with similar personality types was revealed in a study of wild chacma baboons in Namibia. It found that the monkeys typically associate with other baboons based on personality type, age, rank and propensity to generate or use information. However, the study also found that this kind of cliquey behaviour hindered information sharing. For example, shy, high-ranking baboons often missed out on where to find the latest food sources as that information was typically held by bolder and younger baboons.

Perhaps there is a lesson there for us humans, reminding us that having a diverse set of friends may actually be an asset?




More than 10% of all mobile phone calls placed over the internet are now made through Facebook.

If you think Facebook isn’t growing, guess again. With its new messenger app, voice call feature, acquisition of Whatsapp & Instagram – Facebook is slowly turning out to be a social conglomerate.


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