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Google menu in SERPSGoogle adds restaurant menus to US search results pages.

In a move to give searchers what they want even faster, Google has announced that menu information will be provided directly in search results pages. This change will allow restaurants to have even more content visible, and allow searchers to view multiple menus without visiting multiple sites. While currently only available in the US, hopefully a rollout to Australia is on its way! Article 




Maccas Snapchat on TwitterMcDonald’s joins the parade of marketers experimenting with Snapchat.

McDonalds has enlisted basketball star Lebron James to promote its new Snapchat account, using stories to broadcast the 36 second feature to a large audience on the social network that usually relies on private messages between friends. McDonalds used teasers on twitter to let fans know that a ‘surprise’ was coming soon. Article






whatsapp facebookWhatsapp will aim to include voice calling functionality into the app by Q2 this year.

With Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp breaking last week, there has been an increase of 15 million users to date with 465 million monthly active users and 330 million daily users. The move will put WhatsApp — and by default Facebook— more squarely in competition against the likes of KakaoTalk, Line, BBM and other messaging apps that also offer voice services. Article





Westfield flatlayWestfield’s new competition ‘Flatlay the Nation’ celebrates Australian style.

Instead of the humble selfie, Westfield has asked fashionistas to take photos of clothes styled flat, with a hashtag of their location, to be entered into a daily competition and major prize draw. The website includes a map of all the submitted flatlays around Australia and encourages the online fashion community to interact with Westfield across its social channels. Article







project tangoProject Tango has been revealed by Google. Smartphones just got smarter.

Google revealed Project Tango, an experimental smartphone platform with built in 3D scanners that aims to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion. The technology opens potential for indoor mapping, gaming and aiding the visually impaired. Watch the video Google released on February 20th.




Ebay virtual change roomEBay could soon let you try on items virtually before you buy.

The auction giant has acquired PhiSix, a 3D virtual reality company which offers customers a virtual change room, allowing them to see how the clothes fit, look and move in different environments based on the user’s measurements, all without trying them on. While new for eBay, this technology appeared with online retailers last year, with Kickstarter also funding the Tailor Truck which customises suits from a 3D scanner. Article





ellen selfieEllen DeGeneres overtakes President Obama with the most retweeted photo.

Ellen’s selfie, taken at the Oscars as part of Samsung’s sponsorship and product placement of the event, has become the most retweeted photograph ever, beating President Obama’s record set with the “4 more years” tweet announcing his extended term. Article

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