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Apple Music

Meet Apple Music

This week Apple announced a new music streaming service, Apple Music. The paid offering that provides a 3 month trial, is the output of the much publicised acquisition of Beats Music for a cool $3 billion last year. While Apple are definitely a little late the streaming party, there is no doubting their influence in the music industry. iTunes fundamentally changed the way the music industry operates. Let’s see whether their established base begins to transition people away from Spotify. Source:


ipod In the news this week

Article: “Is this the beginning of the end for the iPod”

Is this the beginning of the end for the much loved iPod? For the first time in 13 years during the announcement of iMusic, Apple quietly removed the iPod from its main navigation.




apple watch

Breaking News

Article: “Apple watch development platform allows developers a greater access to user data”

With the recent launch of the watchOS 2 development platform, Apple is allowing app developers access to workout data. Developers are now able to create native Watch apps that track a wearer’s activity and can report back to Health with information about the workout, as well as remain active throughout the workout session just like Apple’s own native Workout app.



reality amusement park

Other Cool Stuff

The Landmark Entertainment Group is developing a $200 million virtual reality experience in China. The experience will include a virtual zoo, aquarium and complimentary components with a mixture of history and culture to both China and the western world. The experience will most likely involve VR headsets similar to the Oculus Rift and Gear VR by Facebook and Samsung respectively.


did you know

Did you know?

Complaints about advertising on the internet have now overtaken TV advertising making internet advertising the #1 most complaint about medium.

Article: “Complaints about internet advertising in Britain have risen 35 per cent over the past 12 months and, in doing, so overtaken television as the most complained about advertising medium.”


weather link


‘Don’t waste unused roof space,’ says Origin Energy, in their new campaign using Inlink’s digital out-of-home SmartAds technology.

Sponsoring a four-day weather forecast, Origin will run their messaging across 1,200 screens in major CBD’s across Eastern Australia, with special wording when the sun is shining, encouraging people to consider their wasted roof space.

Did you know?

Origin Energy has calculated the nation’s “wasted roof space” and found that 5.3 million homes and businesses are untapped energy sources, capable of having a solar system installed but without one.

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