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db1Marketing is bred from competition, so OMD would welcome the addition of a combative search engine in the near future. Google has dominated the Search landscape for the majority of this millennium, and we think will welcome the challenge posed by Apple’s Spotlight. As other Search Engines can testify, Apple face an uphill battle in competing with Google, with using the search engine quickly becoming ingrained in popular vernacular. However, Apple are no strangers to competition, with the recent launch of Apple Music seeing their portfolio of products and services continuing to encroach on rival’s territory. While this competition may turn ugly, for non-partial observers or blood-thirsty fanatics, it will certainly be a fascinating spectacle. While marketing is bred from competition, competition also breeds innovation.

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db2If you’ve ever wondered what the weather was like at your next destination while waiting for a flight, well, now you won’t have to with a new installation at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. The installation, created by the guys at Akestam Holst, brings physical weather simulations to you as people step inside booths to experience the different conditions with the use of wind generators, audio-visual cues and temperature simulators.

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db3Netflix wins the streaming battle with 1m users.  Presto, the joint effort from Foxtel and Seven, is in a distant second place with 97,000 users, just ahead of nine and Fairfax Media’s joint venture Stan, with 91,000.

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db4Google Hangouts passes 1 billion installs on the Play Store. The app has come a long way since it first arrived, and now, Hangouts works across all platforms, including Chrome, Android, and iOS.

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db5Tinder for dogs! You can browse pictures of any other dogs in your area, which you can “like” by using the same swipe-right-swipe-left functionality that Tinder has.

If you are liked in return, you can message the other dog’s owner and set up some time for your dogs to walk in circles and smell each other.

Source: Digital Trends

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