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vertical video syndrome
Did you know?
Vertical Video Syndrome

It’s time to stop turning your hand held world sideways. Vertical video is now a legitimate creative with YouTube, Periscope & Snapchat latching onto the concept. With a wider acceptance across traditional designers, there are now creative ways to adapt and build out advertising for video shot straight up.

Wasted space is particularly noticeable on Facebook and Twitter, which both play videos horizontally. Though Facebook is reportedly creating full-screen video ads for brands, while livestreaming apps produced by Twitter are taking full advantage of full-screen video players.

Still think long & narrow videos end up looking like crap? Watch PSAs 2012 Vertical Video Syndrome, mocking today’s experimental techniques to film scenes & subjects.
Source: AdWeek



In Australia
Shaving the world, one beard at a time.                                                                                     

The Hipster Beard <noun> the facial hair phenomenon trending in young adult males.

This style of beard has even the slickest city guy looking like a lumberjack, with a long full beard usually combined with a clean cut pompadour haircut. BIC has taken a stand in trying to change the face of a generation by encouraging a hipstervention for friends lost to hipsterism, providing 2000 free Flex 3 razor kits available online. This social campaign is a fresh cut approach for BIC with garnered 20,000 followers on their Facebook page in a month.
Source: AdNews


target gender based barbie

Other Cool Stuff
Targeting the Gender Neutral                                                                                                     

For Girls? For Boys? For Both? Target has announced it will be removing gender based signs in its toys & bedding aisles. This winning move from Target has given shoppers the freedom to choose products within their store without a gender stereotype being inflicted.

Target is further shifting the focus to its customer as they become more powerful, especially via the tools of social media. Although complaints are flooding in on their Facebook page, the illumination of the brands true intentions will further drive change by today’s consumers & define there customer base.
Source: AdWeek


periscope live

In the News This Week
Periscope Livestreaming

Twitter owned Periscope team revealed it has grown past 10 million registered accounts just over four months after its launch. Its number of daily active users has risen to nearly two million people with a spike showing where it just about doubled in May with the launch of an app for Android. The important stat is “Time Watched”, which Periscope reports has risen to over 40 years of video or 21 million minutes being watched every day.

Attracting a huge list of celebrity users and marketers experimenting with livestreaming apps, Periscope and Meerkat have taken advantage of full-screen video players and personal content to share with anyone willing to engage.
Source: Engadget


store page shopping on facebookBreaking News
Store Page Shopping on Facebook                                                                                              

Facebook is building out shops within its pages to allow consumers to shop directly from store pages, rather than kicking you over to another website. It’s only logical that more should be added to these pages than occasional link and photos. Even if you’re unlikely to see a store bring its full catalogue to Facebook, the feature could make it much easier to leap on sales that show up in your timeline.

The shops are still in the testing phase, but some pages already feature “buy” buttons that allow the entire shopping experience to occur, from product discovery to checkout. As part of Facebooks big push into online commerce, estimated to reach $350 billion this year, the digital advertising market should also reap the benefit of learning more about consumer behaviour and path to purchase.
Source: BuzzFeed


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