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Breaking News

Google brings immersive 360-degree video ads to YouTube. The video streaming site launched support for immersive video technology back in March, allowing people to watch 360-degree videos on YouTube via chrome for the first time. Nike and Coke have already been taking advantage of the technology and posted 360-degree videos on their pages.

Today’s announcement sparks a start of a new era connecting this technology to Google’s TrueView platform, enabling brands to publish the 360-degree videos as pre-roll ads.  Allowing brands to create richer and more memorable experiences with their audiences.

The new ad feature works on IOS and Android devices, as well as with Google’s Chrome browser. For mobile, simply move the device about to view the entire scene, while those watching using Chrome can drag the picture around to see what’s happening in all parts of the wraparound picture.

The creative opportunities of this new format are quite frankly brilliant, as it allows people to look in any direction rather than just where the camera is pointing. However, clients will need to be mindful that due to this being a new format people may not take full advantage of being able to navigate the video straight away. They will also need to be mindful that the visual quality of the video may be hindered slightly if not displayed in high-definition.

Source: Digital Trends


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Other Cool Stuff

Toyota have been playing with radio ads in Sweden that aim to turn off your mobile phone. Your iPhone to be precise, by running ads that attempt to leverage the “Hey Siri” auto listening feature on iPhones, and while the reality is, you have to have your phone plugged in, and have the “Hey Siri” feature enabled (not standard), it’s an interesting play to raise awareness of the growing problem of drivers playing with their phones while driving…

Source: Digital Buzz Blog


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In Australia

According to a survey that was conducted in March and April 2015, Australian’s pirate content around two times as much as the Brits. 43% Australians surveyed had pirated to some degree in the past three months, compared with 21% in the UK.

Source: AFR


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Did you know?

When does product placement cross over from PR into full-blown advertising? With the recent events surrounding sportsman Mick Fanning, many have accused the chief sponsors of a tacky cash-in, whilst others have highlighted the corporatisation of sport still in the infant stages.

Source: B&T


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In the news this week

Apple ‘Misses’ iPhone Expectations With 35% Gain

Apple’s iPhone has missed analysts’ projections for the company’s revenue forecast and shipments for the fiscal third quarter. This has raised questions as to whether demand for the device has peaked.

Analysts had estimated 48.8 million iPhone shipments, with Apple selling just shy of this with 47.5 million, a 35% gain. An according to Bloomberg’s data, the company’s revenue was also short of the average 51.1 billion estimate.

Any indication of slowing demand for iPhones could spark concern that Apple is going to have a hard time selling more smartphones in the final months of the year, after the September debut of the latest version fuelled record profits. A new model is expected to be released later this year.

Source: AdAge

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