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TweetTwitter in breaking news again, trying to bring down a king 

Ahead of the television series’ fourth season, Game of Thrones’ audiences across the world can help bring down a seven meter statue of the character that has been erected in Auckland’s Aotea Square. Fans are tasked with harnessing the power of social media to topple the king, using the Twitter hashtag #bringdowntheking. Source 



Icon-GmailGmail turned Pinterest

Proving once again that users want their web experience to be visual, Gmail now looks an awful lot like Pinterest. Are spammy ads more appealing when they are pictures? Source

Amazon are entering a new market – the living room unveiled a new set-top box to stream video and other media to television sets, an ambitious move by the retail giant to break into the living room. ‘Fire TV’ is Amazon’s way to tap into the growing market that is streaming media devices. Source


iiNet, kicking goals where it matters

Internet provider iiNet will be hosting a virtual experience at the MCG on Friday, during the match between Hawthorn and Fremantle, which will allow fans the chance to kick a goal through the MCG wall. Source

Doubt that Twitters ground-breaking measurement is the gold it’s promised

The ratings system, currently being used in the US and Italy, is rolling out in Australia this year.  However, experts have cast doubt on a plan to use Twitter to rate the popularity of Australian TV shows. They pose the question; what’s more important, the vocal minority or the silent majority? Source


1Foculus-610x342Facebook’s bucket of cash is spreading further

Facebook acquires Oculus, the creators of the Oculus rift, the acclaimed virtual reality headset, for $2 billion. Together they endeavour to deliver the best virtual reality platform in the world. What an opportunity for advertisers to really get in people’s faces! Source


wonder pl appOur phone is getting more intuitive by the minute

A new video content service, Wonder PL, has launched an app to take on YouTube and Tumblr at their own game. This beauty is for content curators and won’t contain video advertisements, as we know them. Source 


A round up of the tech related April Fools Jokes:

Who wouldn’t want a world full of Pokemon? Google was at it again with a colourful augmented reality game where you could become the ultimate Pokemon master (and win a position at Google). Source

Selfie’s are no-doubt a phenomenon, Gmail cracked on to this with Shelfie. Share + Selfie = Shelfie. For a day your Gmail background could be customised with your favourite ‘shelfie’. They even had trending shelfies for inspiration. Source

Not to be left out of April Fools’ Day tomfoolery, technology companies Samsung, HTC and Toshiba offered their own jests. Unfortunately, they all had the same idea: smart gloves. Source

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