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Google Glass Adds iPhone SMS

A new update to Google Glass will allow users to view texts from their iPhone. At this stage you are only able to read the texts and not able to send them. The update also includes a Calendar Glassware app. Despite our (everyone’s) fascination with Google Glass we don’t see the practicality of the device, not just yet. Source.


Mobile Engagements With News Sites Jumps By 41%

This week we saw session engagements on mobile has increased by 41% on average for the top 10 news sites according to Nielsen. Although we weren’t surprised with an increase in mobile engagements, we were interested to see the strong performance of The Guardian. The Guardian recorded significant growth in March as a result of a 38% increase in its female audience. Watch this space as this publications audience continues to grow. Source.


Picture1Media Watch Takes On Native Advertising

Last night ABC’s Media Watch explored an emerging trend in digital, Native Advertising. Paul Barry, host of the program, explored a recent Telstra and Buzzfeed example as well as a 2013 Intel and Junkee example. In our opinion, Native Advertising provides an opportunity to connect in a more effective way than just running display advertising. Having said this, there must be a clear distinction between sponsored content and organic content. Unlike fluff website like Buzzfeed, this distinction is even more important for trusted news websites and publications. Source. 

2Nandos at it again

The risquéreal time marketing of Nandos continued after Barry O’Farrell’s resignation last week. The post (pictured above), continues to highlight the real time social marketing strategy Nandos have implemented. The last topical news event Nandos leverage was the release of Schapelle Corby. Although these posts seem to be gaining acceptance among the younger generation will this increase sales? Time will tell. Source.






Picture2Possible Facebook Money Transfer Service

Zuckerberg is at it again with big plans to expand the Facebook offering. It was reported this week that Facebook is weeks away from receiving regulatory approval in Ireland to launch an e-payments service. If this does become part of the Facebook offering a lot will need to be done to ensure that users trust the platform. Mixing a social platform with a financial service will require a lot of trust by users to be successful. Source.


Picture3Pandora App For Pebble Smartwatch

In wearable tech news, the Pandora App is now available in Pebble’s appstore allowing users to change stations, play and pause tracks all from your wrist. Although wearable tech is still in its infancy, we can see this working for runners who want to control their song choices from their watch. Whether wearable tech will take off is another conversation, however the integration of Pandora on as many devices as possible is and will continue to set itself apart from other music streaming services (Pandora now also being installed in cars). Source.



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