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Many people are confused on Why Apple wants Beats?digital bytes1

According to the Financial Times it seems almost certain that Apple will buy
Beats for $3.2 billion. With Beats by Dr Dre. Owning 64% of the high price headphone market in 2013 and a very popular item for sale in Apple’s own stores.

Source: techcrunch

Japanese Internet Giant Rakuten Acquires Viber for $900M.

One of Japan’s largest Internet companies will acquire Viber for $900 million.
Rakuten seeks to “become the world’s No. 1 internet services company,”with
this acquisition marking the entry into the global messaging market.

Source: techcrunch


Meanwhile, in the land of OZ…digital bytes3.jpg

Australia’s First Reader Rewards App Launched

Bauer Media has launched a new free reader rewards app, which it claims is an Australian
first. The App collects customer data and gives points for every title purchased, with
readers getting every 9th purchase free. The move is a step towards closing the gap between print and digital consumer behaviour, and aims to drive repeat traffic into newsagents.


Did you Know

Pinterest Launches First Paid Ads with Kraft, Gap and Othersdigital bytes4

With 40.1 million monthly users in the U.S for 2014, Pinterest is finally
entering the game of making money with dozen of brands such as Kraft with running mostly recipes, Nestle, Lululemon and Gap to run three-six month campaigns.

Source: Ad Age


Other coolnessdigital bytes5

Sony Creates ‘Social Media Broadcast Channel’ for World Cup

On May 1st Sony One Stadium Live started. This is the new Sony online platform, which will bring together all World Cup social conversions across Twitter, Facebook and Google+ before and during the World Cup.

With the Soccer Tournament Expected To Dominate 60% of All Tweets
for an Entire Month

Source: Ad Age

Snapchat Settles Claims with FTC That Messages Don’t Disappear

digital bytes6

A settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over a hiccup for the fast growing Snapchat photo messages was reached this week. Snapchat have said
to have over 700 million people send ephemeral messages a day, with more than 500 million stories viewed daily. Several brands have experimented with creating “stories” with this new marketing tool, from McDonalds to the HBO series “Girls”.

Source: Ad Age

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