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Apple_HijackAustralian Apple iDevices hijacked and held to ransom 

Owners of Apple devices across Australia are having them digitally held for ransom by hackers demanding payment before they will relinquish control. iPad, iPhone and Mac owners in Queensland, NSW, Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria have reported having their devices held hostage. Source: SMH



Facebook_SharingFacebook gives up on automatically posting everything you do

Last week, Facebook made a small but very important change to Instagram, and other third party apps. The update effectively removes Instagram’s ability to automatically share anything back to Facebook, and plans have just been announced yesterday to take the idea further. Automatically posted items from third-party apps such as Pinterest, Farmville etc. will be showing up less and less. Source: THE VERGE

Apple Keynote will be live streamed

Apple has posted an update to its website alerting the public that its WWDC keynote event will be available via live stream next Monday. Although Apple has offered live streams of its events in the past, the company is often selective about which product launches it decides to broadcast — and generally reserves the live video feed option for something big. Source: Mashable 


ChromecastAustralians will soon be able to control TVs with their phones as Google launches its Chromecast TV adaptor locally

The adaptor will cost $49 and works with any TV set that has a spare HDMI slot. The Chromecast dongle doesn’t have its own remote control, any apps, or any native ­content. Instead, it makes use of a viewer’s smartphone, tablet or PC. Users first select content from their device available through regular apps that have been Chromecast-enabled, and then request it play on the TV. Source: The Australian 


SpotifySpotify’s been Hacked?

Spotify have published a blog post yesterday outlining “unauthorized access” to their systems and internal company data. So far only one user’s data has been accessed, yet Spotify is still taking all the necessary steps and precautions to get on top of this. For the next few days they will be asking for re-entry of login credentials and encourage users to change their passwords. Source: Spotify 


Your iPhone could soon become the key to your smart home

Apple is apparently getting ready to move into smart home automation, and in a big way. They are unveiling software which allows an iPhone to control home lighting, security systems, and other appliances at its Worldwide Developer Conference on June 2nd. Apple will also reportedly allow other companies to make products specifically designed for the iPhone’s smart home features… with limitations of course. Source: THE VERGE   


solar_panel_roadsCrazy plan to cover roads with Solar Panels raises $1million

Idaho couple Julie and Scott Brusaw of Solar Roadways have raised more than $1 million on Indiegogo to pursue the extremely ambitious goal of replacing the nation’s roads with solar panels. The design will now move from prototype to manufacturing, a dangerous phase for any technology project — and while the dream is exciting, the logistics of actually pulling it off are less so. Source: THE VERGE

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