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A Touch Down for Twitter as the Superbowl Breaks World Record of 25 Million Tweets
The Twittersphere was set alight when 4,064 tweets were sent in a single second on Superbowl Sunday. The result set the world record for the highest number of Tweets in a single second during a sporting event. Football has evolved from merely a game we watch to an interactive multiscreen experience. Expect more Superbowl TV ads that tap into this

Brands Tap into Snapchat’s Snappy Potential

snapchat icon
Snapchat limits content to 10 seconds, so pay attention or you’ll miss it! Normal social media ads will be left unread, needing a new, snappier style of communication. Fleeting and exclusive, the urgency of this platform creates a new opportunity for advertisers


 All Publicity is Not Good Publicity 

peri peri

As part of the media frenzy surrounding Schapelle Corby, Nando has released a new ad for their Peri Peri chicken, and talk about poor taste. With a self- admitted reputation for controversial ads, we think Nando has gotten a tad clucky.

From Points For Purchase To Points For Purpose

Brands need to break away from conventional marketing as over one quarter of Aussie consumers have left a loyalty program within the past 12 months. Shareability and point accumulation are winning the hearts of consumers, whilst standard discounts are reasons for defection.


E- readers Replace Books As Texas’ First Paperless Library Ascends to the Cloud
Will book ownership become a thing of the past?  A Texas library has moved from the physical to the digital with tens of thousands of books on e-readers. Although many will still have a desire for the physical touch of a book, going digital is a cheaper and more accessible way of bringing the library to society.

Turkish Prime Minister Sends 10-foot Hologram To Deliver His Speech
The Turkish Prime Minster couldn’t attend a meeting in person, so instead he sent a 10 foot hologram to deliver his speech to the Justice and Development Party. People desire their politicians to be accessible and real; while cool, we doubt hologram speeches will become common place.


“OK Glass, Play A Game”

google_glassThe future of augmented reality looks near as Google Glass unveils a series of mini games that allow players to use their heads as rackets to play a round of virtual tennis. Definitely interactive, but we’re not too sure how this will pan out in public.

Flashback To The Birth of Social Media: Facebook Turns Ten!
10 years old and see how much it’s grown. Looking at this article who would have guessed this non-profit Uni site would become a multi-billion dollar monster. With society’s dependency on Facebook, we don’t see this platform disappearing anytime soon.

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