Doing does it

A senior sales director asked this week “How do you overcome fear of rejection?” This was in the context of a discussion around closing techniques for sales people. Going in to the final stretch of the year, sales opportunities needed to be closed.

But the question of rejection goes way beyond the practice of selling. It’s around the whole issue of failure in all its many guises. Despite all the stories we are told from childhood books, all the famous quotes from successful sports people (Wayne Gretzky – you miss 100% of the shots you never take), the feted world leaders who rose from adversity (Mandela, Gandhi) and the businessmen and women who espouse failure as a road to success (Jobs, Branson), risking failure and rejection is still hard.

It’s the age old gap between “knowing” and “doing”. Knowledge doesn’t mean you can or do. Indeed the fact that you know something but still can’t muster the courage is even more debilitating and draining of confidence. It’s a vicious cycle.

The truth is that at some stage, something in us shifts and we take a leap. This could be asking someone out on a date. It could be asking for a pay rise. It could be challenging a client to do things differently. It could be taking a leap and setting up your own business. It could be making a few cold calls to potential clients. What creates that shift will be different for everyone. It could come from outside or from inside. But the shift moves us from knowing we should, to actually doing.

And as my wife says: doing does it.


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