Easter Egg-cellence in Social

Just as I couldn’t resist the delectable pun in the title of this article, I couldn’t resist sharing with you a few favourite campaigns to come out of the Easter holidays just past.

It’s not difficult to guess which age group gets the most excited about Easter time. Chocolate eggs, fluffy bunny toys and various egg related activities abound this time of year, and advertisers were keen to ensure that the bigger kids amongst their social media communities didn’t miss out on the fun.


The first campaign to be plucked from my Easter campaign goodie basket is from Dracakis Jewellers in Sydney. They ran a simple but effective Easter egg hunt campaign where for six days starting on Easter Monday the jewellers posted a single daily clue on their Facebook page, narrowing down the location of the prize. This campaign deserves some Easter kudos because it was a simple concept that was well executed, it involved and grew their online community whilst exemplifying the value of their offering, and most importantly, successfully bridged the gap between digital and real-world activities. Also the prize was a 1.02 carat diamond ring!



My second goodie comes from UK retailer Spar with their Design a Chick competition. It’s cute, simple, sharable (important), quick to play, and proved a great way for Spar to build on their subscriber list, tallying some demographics’ that otherwise might not have engaged with their brand. And being a HMTL5 build, it worked seamlessly across most devices. Have a play! (If the link is still active).



Finally, the Easter campaign that took the cake (or egg) for me this year, was that of Toys ‘’R” Us virtual reality egg hunt. Toys “R” Us put together an augmented reality game through their multi-platform TRUMagic app, giving kids the chance to follow little animated 4D characters throughout TRU stores on a virtual egg hunting adventure. Despite being more technologically sophisticated than most campaigns running at this time of year, and being targeted at ‘a more tech-savvy kid audience’ (isn’t that all kids?), the software operates smoothly and is visually engaging. What is exciting about this campaign is the functional concept of having well-designed AR turn a regular retail space into a virtual theme park for kids!

Check out the TRU campaign vid and the other campaign links below:




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