Fast Forward to 2020

In 2010 I remember making a list of the top inventions/technological advances of the last decade which had impacted my life; the iPhone, MP3’s, E-Books, digital photos and their associated devices, e-tickets, social media, Google and the essential GHD hair straightener. I always prided myself as being quick to adopt the ‘new’, making my life easier, faster and more efficient, plus being cool to be part of these changes (and having straighter hair too).

Fast forwarding to 2015 and reflecting on the last five years from 2010, the advances in technology keep coming and have increasingly become part of my daily life, streaming content at home and increasingly on the go, whether it is music or video, contactless payments, even smarter devices and an app for just about everything possible that have made the complex simple and provided the ability to be on the go and easily transact, book, update, order and buy.

What does the next five years hold, in 2020 what will we look back on as the next generation of break-through innovations that change how we live?

By 2020 for the first time a generation will have gone through their life being constantly ‘connected’. Growing up in a world of screens, and constantly stimulated (with consequential shorter attention spans) and having easy access to everything 24/7. The first 20 or so years of their lives will differ greatly to my own.

At CES earlier this year I got a glimpse at an array of the latest technologies that are being developed, some of it in it’s infancy though majority due to go into, or already in production for commercial launch within the coming years.

From driverless cars to household 3D printers plus even smarter devices, hovercrafts, drones for just about everything, and next generation affordable virtual reality devices. Battery life is something that has held back a lot of technology in recent years and one innovation that impressed me was a wearable that generates power through your own motion and body power, with the power generated being used to recharge your phone or other devices.

This constant innovation will change what we consider the norm today, with the disruption of the healthcare system through advancements in how medical procedures and diagnoses are carried out. We’ll have the ability to be constantly monitored through wearable devices, which will feed back data to medical practitioners along with tracking and signalling to us updates on our health and wellbeing.  These devices will seamlessly integrate and interact between themselves all evaluating things like our location, sun exposure, to our movements, ultimately they’ll optimise how we are living our lives, improving efficiency and ultimately our health.

While wearables will monitor our health our smart home will monitor our lifestyle, optimising devices to our families patterns; our homes will become smart homes, with connected appliances; and lighting, sound, heating, cooling and security all being controlled through home automation.

We’ll each create our own ecosystem that suits how we live our lives, the primary benefits will be improved efficiency and energy production.

Let’s see what the next five years hold for us and what I’ll look back on in 2020 as the top ‘new’ tech I’ve adopted.

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