FUSE ‘FREAKY’ FRIDAYS: The Halloween Special

Is it just me or are there more pumpkins, spider webs, orange buckets and fake spiders for sale in your local Woollies this year?

On the eve of Halloween and having been avoiding the lure of trick-or-treat candy from my local grocer for the last 2 weeks, I’ve been thinking about why this seemingly ‘all American’ holiday is gaining traction in Australia?

I remember growing up always wondering why I never got to go out asking strangers for free candy on Halloween like all the cool kids did in my favourite American movies and TV shows. So why now is celebrating Halloween becoming more culturally acceptable in Australia? #Unfair


Is it because retailers have made it more accessible and seemingly more popular with increased amounts of Halloween products for sale?

Is it because social media has made the holiday even more accessible and talked about with the antics shared for the world to see? And as a result, we don’t want to miss out (#FOMO)?

Is it because kids like me have grown-up and are now trying to live vicariously through their kids or, are we compensating for time lost by going to or throwing our own Halloween parties?

Or…is it simply because last year it was on a Friday, this year it’s on a Saturday and whilst we know Australians don’t need an excuse to have a party – they’ll take it!

Regardless of the underlying truths and whilst I believe it could arguably be a culmination of ALL of the above. One thing we can’t deny is the shear fact that Halloween is becoming increasingly more popular in Australia (slowly but surely) and the likes of Coles and Woollies aren’t about to let us forget it that easily.

For me, the trend poses the question of what does that or what could that mean for brands? Just this week, we saw Fanta take the reins (well it makes sense doesn’t it – the product is orange) and no doubt this will work in their flavour (I mean favour). But…I think the real opportunity lies with the brand who will come along and start digging to uncover the real truth as to why Halloween is taking off in Australia. And even more than that, determine how they can be an integral part of it – making the trend something they can become synonymous with. There are very few ‘slowly but surely’ moving trends these days that will give you the time to be able to do that!

So, whilst I’m not about to uncover the truth in one blog article and in celebration of Halloween/the fact it’s Friday, I leave you with a few Halloween inspired links to get you excited for tomorrow’s spook fest (or simply to feed your Freaky Friday procrastination):

  1. Did you know that there is a Halloween Australia website? http://bit.ly/ZEFgSI
  2. Tesco’s “Spookermarket” (my fave 2015 Halloween content so far) – http://bit.ly/1MVq5pa
  3. A Halloween shopping list as brought to you by Woolworths (see I’m not making this up) – http://bit.ly/1PS8gOb


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