FUSE FRIDAY’S: Actions work harder than words


If someone offers you a drink at a meeting – take it!

I was fortunate enough to recently attend the MFA 5+ event and hear Adam Ferrier discuss ‘The Advertising Effect: How to change behaviour’ and he talked about how actions are the strongest way to effect behaviour change. Actions change attitude faster than attitude changes actions. The best way to get someone to like you is to get them invested in you – ask them to do stuff, get them to interact, accept that drink at a meeting.

So instead of trying to change behaviour by getting people to think or feel a certain way, we should be looking for ways to provide opportunity to connect through action and experience.

Adam discussed the ‘Ikea Effect’ and how if people co-create something they value it more.

In the last week Macca’s began testing an upscale burger menu at its Castle Hill location in Western Sydney, and plans to roll it out nationwide if customers respond well.

FUSEIn addition to 3 new gourmet burger options, counter service, burgers on wooden boards and chips in metal baskets, the upgraded restaurant includes a touchscreen ordering kiosk. Patrons can customize their burger with different cheese and bun options, as well as sauces and specialty toppings, including guacamole, tortilla strips, grilled pineapples and beetroot. There are 19 options in total.

Macca’s are obviously tapping into the gourmet burger movement but perhaps even more cleverly they have tapped into the ‘Ikea Effect’ by giving customers the opportunity to co-create their burgers.

QSR is a very difficult category to get people to change behaviour and this innovative move from Macca’s can only be a good thing. So far the reviews and PR buzz are all very positive and it will be interesting to see if this move truly ‘moves the dial’!

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