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We’ll give you more than 10 seconds to read that headline. Fine, you got us – you can read it twice. But, this year, you’ll only have 24 hours to dig through this year’s VMA nominees on MTV’s Snapchat account. Er… also, that’s now. Yea, now. Thank us later.












How the announcements work

Essentially, MTV will share a series of snaps; 10-second Snapchat videos, showcasing the nominees. They’ll roll-out from 9am ET on Thursday, featuring Austin Mahone, Fifth Harmony and Becky G – and several other stars from MTV shows.

Eight Snapchat announcements will be live for MTV’s 150,000 or so Snapchat followers before the wider 10am ET unveiling on other online platforms. The VMA-related snaps will be viewable on MTV’sSnapchat Storyfor 24 hours.

Ah, the ol’ fan-brand value exchange: If you love us online, we’ll love you back.

The power of talent in content

With cameos from stars who have killer social reach, the strategy isn’t a new one. Tom Fishman, vice president of content marketing and fan engagement at MTV, confirms the strategic decisions behind bringing multiple personalities on board; “We could have used one person to announce all of them but this is really going to buy us a lot of reach.”

And MTV’s holding out for social spill-over too. Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey, as one example, will disclose the Video of the Year contenders. MTV hopes Teen Wolf fans will discuss the VMAs on other social networks. It is likely, based on fans’ past behaviour. 

An extension from last year

Agile made-for-social content, leveraging talent that the target audience loves. Not a first for MTV: last year, the brand worked with one of Vine’s hottest Stop-Motion animators, Khoa Phan, announcing the 2013 nominees via Instagram and Vine videos.

MTV also announced this year’s MVA venue (California) via social media, using the hashtag #RoadToTheVMAs, similarly to last year’s series of photos featuring the VMAs “Moonman” statuette.

Some of many questions around the Snapchat decision

–          Is MTV’s core audience really on Snapchat?

–          Does it matter if they aren’t?

–          Will MTV see significant spill-over on other social networks?

–          Could this be a First just for a First’s sake?

–          And, most importantly, #whatwouldMileydo in 10 seconds?

Last thoughts to wrap up

This somehow feels like MTV’s still losing its cred with a young, hip audience and trying to stay at the party with a ‘tech’ solution and flashy guest list. Most concerning is that this comms approach borrows its interest, at the brand’s compromise. Like, who is MTV?

Or, have we got this badly wrong. Is MTV playing to its strengths; acting as a platform for real entertainment stars to shine everywhere – including through content on social.

[If you’re interested in Snapchat data in Australia, still think it’s all about sexting (some surprises), or only know of it because of the kids, take a tour of this research – quickly!]

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