FUSE FRIDAYS: Art and Culture as Inspiration for Activation

‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’ – Maya Angelou

Creating an emotional connection with consumers is far easier said than done. Without this connection, Experiential Marketing is meaningless as it will not translate to consumers sharing their experiences with others.

The relationship between art, advertising and commerce has always been a strong one. A great example of a brand using art to inform their advertising is highlighted in James Boag’s newest campaign for their Premium Lager with the James Boag Meteorphonium.

The brand has always positioned themselves as representing Tasmania’s rugged landscape and environment through their range of beverages. To bring this to life in a creative and unpredictable way, they commissioned Nick Ryan, an award winning composer and artist to create the Meteorphonium, an instrument which draws from various elements of the Tasmanian environment including wind speed, temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity to stimulate an unpredictable melody of drums, bells and chiming.


Watching a video of this work in action, my thoughts went far beyond the brand into wonder and amazement at how one could craft such an interesting contraption. It is rare that I would think so deeply into a short activation, advertisement or campaign such as this, but perhaps it was the underlying artistic and cultural substance which struck a chord with me.

All too often we forget about taking influence from art and culture however freely take inspiration from other brands or advertising campaigns, thus losing originality. Art and culture are inherently, as humans, something we can bond over, feel a connection to and most importantly for Experiential Marketing, something we can share with others.

When we know that art resonates so strongly with human beings, why do we not refer it to more often to captivate or even understand our audience?

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