FUSE FRIDAYS: Blame social media for your wanderlusting

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Do you feel like you want to holiday all the time? Places you want to explore. Hidden gems you want to discover. 10 places on your bucket list you must to tick off in a year’s time before you turn x. Thank social media. There’s no doubt of the impact it’s had in the travel industry.

We’re constantly #fomo’d seeing our friends travel pics drinking fresh coconuts in a pristine beach or eating in a restaurant full of local inhabitants. That’s because 70% of social media users update statuses or share photos while on holiday (Eye for Travel). With 1 in 7 people on Earth logged into Facebook, that’s a lot of travel inspiration.

This wealth of travel knowledge has positively changed the way we explore destinations. Experienced travelers don’t want the tourist traps but places that only locals know and social media is the source of that unique knowledge. TripAdvisor has 260 million unique monthly visitors and 125 million travel reviews and opinions from travelers around the world (TripAdvisor). We return from holiday as the ‘experts’ of that destination, sharing the places that would otherwise have gone undiscovered.

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Travel content dominates social platforms, on FB, 42% of stories shared to users timelines in 2012 were travel experiences. Australian Instagrammer’s top followed interests are Friends, Photography and Travel. Travel blogging has become a professional vocation, arguably best job in the world. Brands leverage Influencers because they know 48% of travelers enjoy ‘user-generated content’ over business-created content and 52% of travelers use social media to plan trips. Thanks to social media and apps like Instagram, we can now all be amateur ‘travel photographers’, pros at capturing those sunsets and late night city neon shots along with our selfie sticks.

So next time you take a trip & share a photo on social, don’t feel guilty about giving your friends fomo back home. Know that you’re contributing a piece of user generated unique experience online and helping others discover destinations like never before, just in time for World Tourism Day on 27th Sept…

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