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We’re all excited for Monday’s premier of Game of Thrones Season four, is it because we are desperately waiting to see King Joffery fall from the throne?

Ahead of the release, Sky partnered with DDB to give audiences across the world the chance to take down the most hated fictional television character. Using the Twitter hashtag #bringdowntheking fans are given the harnessing power to help bring down a seven meter statue of the character centred in Auckland’s Aotea Square.

So how does this work? Simply put, it is power to the people.

For every tweet using this hashtag, a machine pulls tighter to topple the statue. It is estimated that it will take a million tweets to bring down the statue, and with it, Joffrey’s reign on the kingdoms.

Fans are currently able to watch the progress via live streaming and the accompanying ‘voice of the people’ live tweets which are updated every 3-4 seconds. A live tracker also gauges how far they are from bringing an end to Joffreys reign.

Following the launch of the show’s third season, where a 40-foot-long dragon skull “washed up” on a beach in Dorset, England, Game of Thrones continues to exacerbate the anticipation of already obsessed fans with such a creative approach.

With no actual intended impact on the show’s storyline, are these unique creative strategies just a means to further engage an already loyal audience? If one million people really do want to see Joffery fall from the throne, could we one day use these crowd-sourced responses to determine the most desirable ending for our favourite shows?

Head to this website to check it out http://bringdowntheking.com/

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