FUSE FRIDAY’S: Everybody Just Wants to Get Hi-Jacked


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HijackedWhy just use a comms channel when you can create one? That’s the question Telstra’s putting on the table by using OMD Fuse to launch new student portal HIJACKED in collaboration with outdoor company oOh! Media. An informational hub available exclusively to Australian university students, Telstra hopes to nurture HIJACKED as the go-to destination for news, views, sports, tech, arts and culture – as well as exclusive deals and competitions.

Fundamental to HIJACKED’s offering is its proposition to reward and acknowledge students’ opinions and experiences on a national platform – beyond what can be offered by their campus student newspaper. The HIJACKED internship program (paid!) provides budding editorial talent with a platform for their voices to be heard, and a national student audience to hear it. But wait, there’s more: all articles that get published and reach a certain number of views, earn their writer payment for their hard work. For students in 2014, the “privilege” of getting their voice out there just doesn’t cut it anymore. They are smart, savvy content creators, and they expect to be rewarded for their creativity.

Tomorrow’s thinkers and doers are expecting more from their media to inform and enable them, which is where HIJACKED needs to emphasise its point of difference from their on-campus competitors. It’s a demarcation that shouldn’t be ignored when considering the role of the new brand in the on-campus publishing environment. It will be interesting, in the coming months, to see how HIJACKED continues to develop on campus organically, and what this tells us about the value students see in campus media. How will students utilise an accessible new media outlet that presents strong cultural and professional opportunities backed by commercial partnerships? Can student union and campus publications ever be replaced as pillars of social and academic student life? Watch this space.

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