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Marketers and app developers, listen up. Facebook has announced its first mobile ad network, called Audience Network. What does this mean for your brand? Audience Network provides brands with the ability to make money sans selling your own ads, do your own targeting, handle measurement or route payments. It also offers the opportunity to target your audience based on demographic, interest or behavioural data, which means your brand is able to get closer to the right audience instead of shooting in the dark.

It seems to me that it’s got the potential to reshape the digital advertising landscape.

In terms of influence, reach and relevance to advertisers, Audience Network will be tantamount to Google’s Adwords confirming our speculation of Facebook’s plans to take over the internet. Audience Network will deliver more Facebook-powered ads to more users, across more devices, both within and outside of the social network.

The plan is to roll this out over the next few months and Facebook will be reaching out to advertisers interested in buying app installs and engagement ads. Although, the impending question remains… how much will it cost? Well, it comes as no surprise that Facebook will receive a cut of what advertisers pay with the remaining forwarded on to the publishers.

What are the key benefits to take away from this? Audience Network will offer three distinct advantages to advertisers and developers:

  1. Show your ads that are relevant to your target audience
  2. Gain access to Facebook advertisers
  3. Display successful high-quality ad units

The ads will come in three different formats: standard IAB banners, standard IAB interstitials, and native ad units.

Only time will tell whether Facebook’s mobile ad network will prove to be an influential business factor for the company, but it would be wise to begin testing your ad campaigns as soon as possible.

Source: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2014/04/30/audience-network/

Watch the video here.

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