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Searching for massive event leverage with minimal spend? Look no further.

Ambush marketing is a proven tactic that can unofficially align brands with major events.

Best of all, there are some strong examples of how campaigns of this nature have saved companies millions of dollars in sponsorship and partnership costs and allowed them to bypass the regulations around commercial tie-ins. Most importantly, doing so has empowered these companies with a creative license when designing their campaigns, whilst reaping the benefits of the piggy-backing effect.

An early example that you may be familiar with, was Subway’s “My personal Best” campaign which leveraged the hype around Olympic hopefuls during the 2012 London Olympic Games to promote a new line of sandwiches without once even mentioning the Games. More on this here: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2012/05/09/video-london-2012-hopefuls-star-new-subway-tv-ad.

More recently, this year Brazilian fast food chain, Giraffas, has taken ambush marketing to the next level. Introducing a never-before-seen in-store interactive soccer game, designed with the aim of bringing more people into their restaurants during the upcoming 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup, without any official alignment to the major event.


Giraffas had noticed that approximately 90% of their customers play with their smartphones whilst enjoying their food, which prompted the company to develop a clever version of in-table entertainment.


Introducing ‘The Goal Screen’.

As the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup fast approaches, they have designed a unique tray paper which integrates with a customer’s smartphone or tablet device and allows them to then play a modified soccer game using the meal tray as the field.

Giraffas has already distributed more than 7,000,000 copies of the bespoke meal tray papers across their 412 Brazilian restaurants just in time.


This concept includes both single and a multiplayer aspects, and results from the games can then be linked to the player’s social media accounts for further sharing.

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With the enormous amount of tourism that is soon to hit Brazil and the hype that is well under way, the connection that the fast food chain has created with soccer, and unofficially with the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup is a truly innovative way to leverage a major sporting event. Not only does this significantly increase hype and dwell time for their restaurants, it does so without any formal payment.

Using ambush marketing tactics this campaign has successfully used unofficial brand affiliation, and tapped into the consumers need for deeper engagement and interaction with brands.

To watch the video about how “The Goal Screen Project” works Click Here.

Source: http://www.psfk.com/2014/05/fast-food-try-soccer-game.html#!QYMdz

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