FUSE FRIDAYS: Fuse London Innit

FUSE LONDON INNIT: Trainers, brainstorms & tea runs is what I fondly remember of my 4.5 months working on secondment in the Fuse London Office, here is a snapshot of the highlights from my time there:

YOU RIGHT?!: I found that I was constantly asked if I was right?… always stunted by this question I would ask myself, “am I? I don’t know? Did I just get caught out talking to myself? Have I done something wrong?” I found this to be a question that just didn’t care for an answer other than “yeh I’m right you right?” I was right!

BRAINSTORMS: Brainstorms all day everyday, I was in brainstorm heaven, often directed by OMD Create Creative Director Ann Wixley. We brainstormed all spectrums ranging from how we could bring to life an Alien uprising through to how the good times could be brought back in store at McDonalds with live music.

TRAINERS: and I don’t mean Andrea from Wentworth, I am talking Nike, Adidas, Puma and Coverse trainers. Everyone wears trainers to work every day. Amazing. Comfortable. So urban chi chi and so practical for when you are running to the tube to get to your next meeting or just trying to get through the insane amount of people on the side walk!

GOOGLE: was my first campaign and client interaction.  We had 3 weeks to bring to life the interactive online experience of Inside Abbey Road https://insideabbeyroad.withgoogle.com/en . I was given the opportunity to work with the Google and Creative tech team who actually built the experience to bring it to the busy streets of London. We executed this via interactive digital panels to target dwell areas of commuters and to provide a sense of wonder with Google. Visiting the Google London office was pretty amazing, innit?


TEA: Megs regs, was the almost hourly tea run, everyone takes this in turns, I have never known so many specific tea requirements. Green tea bag stays in for 3 minutes, only soy milk and only dunk the tea bag, megs regs just milk and tea thanks.

TEAM FUSE: On a serious note, Fuse London are an incredibly smart, fast and extremely innovative team creating, implementing and strategizing on some of the biggest global brands which was truly inspirational to witness. They work at an extremely quick pace and don’t let up – absolute legends.

GROUP ACTIVITIES: By that I mean trivia and anagrams, I don’t like trivia at the best of times unless it is related specifically to my own little knowledge bombs, but Trivia in the UK is next level… I learnt to expect that the anagrams were always going to be Football related you know? You know what I mean?

INNOVATION: OMD London dedicate a whole week each year to innovation, I was lucky enough to be there just in time. This was a huge highlight for me as I had access to some of the most influential, progressive people and companies leading the charge in innovation and technology. Highlights included listening to Arthur Tindsley, Creative Technologist from Microsoft. Along with a thought provoking talk about the relationship Narcassim, self-esteem and social media influence consumer relationship has with technology.

ACCESS: The exposure to the marketing decision makers & global brands was second to none, the scope of campaigns I was able to work across was what Fuse dreams are made of, attending a marketing and insights forum led by the team at ASOS at the ASOS headquarters was fabulous.

OMD LONDON: a home away from home, my time in working with the Fuse London team was an absolutely incredible experience full of fun, excitement, challenges but the most refreshing thing I learnt was realising that Australia really is packing some punch with our work, campaigns and strategies. My experience confirmed that Fuse Melbourne is a great place to be.

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